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Zumba Power Couple: Justin and Mandy

Posted on April 17, 2011 by under Health, Things to Do, Zumba.    

2011-04-13 19.52.38.jpg

I have no idea how Mandy did it, but I bow to her persuasive powers. She is the only one who has managed to convince her husband to join us. I’ve been trying to get Brian to do it for months. The only thing I’d ever been able to get him to do is come and shoot video.

Well, I did get him to try Amie’s class once. That might have been my mistake. I think that scared him off. Maybe I should have eased him into it instead of starting with the most challenging Zumba class. I just figured if Raymond and Colt could do it, then maybe Brian could too. Besides, we had the videos for him to watch so he could learn the routines. How wrong I was! Now the mere mention of Zumba makes Brian shiver. I think I’ve scared him off for good.

Gina Ann suggested perhaps coercion would be the way go to. She said I should offer him fellatio in exchange for doing Zumba with us (but not immediately AFTER, unless a shower is involved =P). He’s getting that quite regularly now, so that would mean I’d have to withhold it until he does Zumba. After much consideration, I’ve decided that would be more punishment for me than it is for him so that’s not going to work.

I’m thinking maybe video games might be the ticket. He’d have to Zumba with us in order to buy new video games. Do you guys think that would work? Any other suggestions?

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