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Pictures from Dad’s Birthday

Posted on April 13, 2011 by under Family.    

2011-04-10 19.59.53.jpg

2011-04-10 20.00.12.jpg

He had no idea we were coming. 🙂

2011-04-10 20.54.48.jpg

It was mom’s idea to surprise him. She figured since he wouldn’t go out, we’d just bring the party to him.

2011-04-10 19.08.17.jpg

2011-04-10 19.34.40.jpg

2011-04-10 19.38.30.jpg

Brian and I got him a lizard wine bottle holder.

2011-04-10 19.38.04.jpg

And some tiki torches.

2011-04-10 20.22.26.jpg

We had food catered by Kwan Court and mom’s special sinigang. The only thing that disappointed me was that my fortune was in Spanish. Aren’t they supposed to be Chinese?

2011-04-10 20.06.23.jpg

Okay, so it wasn’t really disappointing. It was just weird. LOL. =P

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  • Replies to "Pictures from Dad’s Birthday"


    Jo  on April 14, 2011

    It says, you have a very special personal contract and you signed it even though it was in Spanish and now you are in trouble. JKD, I don’t speak Soanish. LOL


    Ching  on April 14, 2011

    Mom!!! It says “You will meet someone special!”

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