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Brian’s Unhappy Face

Posted on April 27, 2006 by under Food and Drink.    


We went to have dinner at this new resto downtown, The Bamboo House. The place is nice enough but the food is no good.

I got the sampler platter just to try out a variety of things. Brian said the egg roll was alright but not as good as lumpias. The beef was chewy. The chicken was bland. The tempura shrimp was doughy. The crab rangoon was really greasy. It was so greasy that when I split it in half a huge puddle of grease spilled out onto my plate and also the table.

I also tried their California roll. Definitely not as good as that of Sumo. Not even close.

Brian had sweet and sour chicken. He said it was gross. It was soggy and it didn’t even taste like chicken. Needless to say, our dining experience was a total disappointment. We really should’ve left when we saw the “cash only” sign.

They are lucky they’re not listed on Yahoo! yellow pages yet. Otherwise, they’d be getting a poor review from me. Brian and I give it six months to a year before they close down.

Not to be mean or anything but I think they are just trying to do too much. They are serving sushi, Thai and Chinese cuisine and are doing all of them poorly. I think to be successful restos should focus on doing one thing and doing it well. Kind of like Sumo. Sumo does the hibachi and sushi thing. They are really good at it. No matter how many times I get bad service from there, I’ll keep coming back. Why? Because they serve the best sushi in town.

Thai Tradition does the Thai food thing. Once again, they are excellent at it. I don’t mind paying $60 for dinner there.

As far as Chinese food, we like PF Chang’s best. Anyway, I hope they get their act together. I would love to have a good oriental food place close to work. We’ll see how they do as the months progress.

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