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We Have More Minutes

Posted on April 26, 2006 by under Babies, Life.    

As the saying goes, “If there’s a will, there’s a way.”  Last week Brian and I were stressing about cellphone overage charges and how we were going to make it through to the end of our bill cycle without having a $200 phone bill.  We were conserving our cellphone usage so bad you’d think we were rationing water while travelling through the Sahara.

It got so bad that we started acting like those people in those silly cellphone commercials. Brian would call me and I’d be like, “Why are you calling me?  You’re not calling me from your work phone are you?”  We have free mobile-to-mobile but if he calls me from his work phone or I call his work phone then it counts against us.

See, I thought those commercials were silly before because we’d never been in any danger of overage charges.  Now that we have, I completely understand how the people the commercials feel.  We literally could not use our phone because every single non-weekend, non-mobile-to-mobile minute was costing us.  To top it off I had duty at work on Monday.  I didn’t have any calls, though.  Thank the Lord!

Now I understand why some people at work refuse to give their cellphone numbers as contact phone numbers when they are on duty.  It’s so easy to go over your minutes when you least expect it.  At least Brian and I are proactive about our phone bills.  We don’t check our minutes everyday but we do at least once during the bill cycle just to have a handle on things.  This way we aren’t surprised by a huge, unexpected cellphone bill.

Anyway, the good news is when I was home feeding Molly at lunch the other day I found a special offer from T-Mobile in the mail.  For the same amount that we are paying now, they were going to give us $100 additional minutes per month, plus unlimited nights.  Nights don’t start until 9 pm but, hey, every little bit helps!

So I told Brian to call them and sign us up and make sure that it goes in effect this bill cycle so that it covers our overage this month.  Voila!  Overage problem solved.  Of course, we had to sign up for a 12-month contract.  Brian didn’t like that too much because we’ve never been on a contract before and he likes the freedom of being able to say, “I hate you I’m switching” whenever he feels like it.  Now that we’re on a contract, we can’t do that.  If we do, it will cost a whopping $200 early termination fee per line.  That means $400!  Needless to say, we probably won’t be switching or threatening to switch any time soon.

I wasn’t really too worried about the contract, though.  We’ve been with T-Mobile since 1999 and we’ve been pretty happy with our service.  I think they have the best rate plans so I can’t complain.  Besides, what’s another 12 months?  It’ll go by as quickly as the blink of an eye.

Our other good news is that Molly is now eating from the bowl.  No more syringe-feeding.  No more spoon-feeding.  We put food in the bowl, set it on the floor and she eats. Just like a normal, healthy puppy.  She is still kind of spoiled in that she refuses to eat when you are not present.  So when I come home and I set her food down and I have to go use the restroom, she will actually stop eating to follow me to the bathroom.  She won’t start eating again until I walk back to the kitchen and stand next to the food bowl.  Meaning, I have to eat lunch standing up all the time because I have to be next to the food bowl to make sure that she eats. 

It’s kind of cumbersome, but at least I can actually eat lunch now.  I wasn’t able to before when I would have to syringe-feed or spoon-feed her because it would always be time to head back to work sometimes before she’s even done her business.  The potty-training situation is a huge challenge for us right now.  But I’m sure things will improve soon enough.  Like I said in the beginning, “If there’s a will, there’s a way!”  I’m a firm believer of that.  Except in the case of my CS300 class.  LOL.

I don’t want to talk about it.  I’d much rather talk about Molly.  Since I’m not attending that class tomorrow, I actually got to leave work around 5 pm today.  I arrived home to find Molly and Brian playing in the front yard. She was so excited to see me!  It was very cute.  Anyway, Brian brought her ball outside and was trying to teach her how to play fetch.  I thought it was silly because everyone knows that Yorkiepoos do not play fetch.  Brian refused to acknowledge the futility of his endeavor, though.

“Molly isn’t going to play fetch with you.  She’s a Yorkiepoo.  She’s going to be a diva,” I tried to explain.  After the syringe-feeding and only eating if you spoon-feed her, you’d think he’d realize this by now.  She’s already showing signs of becoming a diva.

“If she becomes a diva, I’d kick her.  No dog of mine is going to be a diva,” he says.  Well, then.  It’s a good thing she’s MY dog.  She can be whatever she wants to be.  She can even be mini-ME!

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Replies to "We Have More Minutes"


Jo  on April 27, 2006

Dad and I have always had the family plan, this doesn’t work for you? We pay less tha $85.00 per month and we are both covered. He uses it for his work, too and my work. Just yesterday I took the time to call to put the bill and main subscriber in my name so I can charge this to my business. I have always told Dad, we could have done it before, but he refuses since it is in his name. I have reasoned with him that I really need his money to get going in this business- that it should be self explanatory to the IRS but he won’t risk it.


Ching  on April 27, 2006

Mom, we had $49 family plan that only allowed 400 minutes total. Our bill comes to almost $100 because we have unlimited text messages and picture messages and T-Mobile web. We recently switched to the family-time unlimited messaging which dropped our bill by $15. We’ve never had a problem staying under 400 minutes before because our mobile-to-mobile and weekend calls were free. We just recently had a problem with it because I had to call the vet and the breeder and insurance during peak weekday times. Anyway, we get to keep the same rate-plan but we get 100 more minutes each month now.

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