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Best Deal Ever!

Posted on March 28, 2011 by under Life.    

I decided to take advantage of Best Buys new Trade In program by taking some of my PS3 games that I have finished and seeing what I could get. I did the research before hand so I knew approximately what I would be getting. When I got there they took my games and started typing everything in. I had to correct the girl a few times because she was giving me the price for titles that were the first run and n0t the sequel. For example, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare instead of Modern Warfare 2. So after I corrected her and got everything set and she told me that I had a total of $117.00, $7.00 more than I calculated. After I got the card and received the receipt showing me the totals for everything, I realised that she entered the wrong title and it worked to my advantage. I turned in Gran Turismo 5 Prologue and she gave me the price for Gran Turismo 5. It should have been $6.00 but instead I got $25.00, score me!

So I took my money and got Dead Rising 2 and Homefront, 2 games that I had been looking at. The total was $118.01, I had to pay $1.01 out of my own pocket for 2 brand new games. The best part, All of the games that I turned in were all used from Game Stop, I didn’t pay full price for any of them.

Best Buy has the best Trade In program ever!

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