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Our Failed Attempt at Saving the Day

Posted on February 6, 2011 by under Life.    

Jay called us from the side of the road (West bound K90 before the Oliver off ramp) yesterday. They were distracted by the beautiful day and wonderful music on their radio, and didn’t realize they were out of gas. We didn’t even take that long to get there (less than five minutes from the time he called us), but by the time we got there Motorist Assist was already on the scene and filling up their gas tank.

2011-02-05 12.52.36.jpg

2011-02-05 12.53.08.jpg

2011-02-05 12.53.37.jpg

I was so disappointed that we didn’t get to save the day. Motorist Assist beat us to it. However, I am glad to see that they’re on top of their game. I’m pretty sure our MA is better than the MA of any other state. (Yet another reason to love living in Wichita.)

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