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Mom and Dad’s New House

Posted on January 22, 2006 by under Family.    


We went to visit mom and dad today so I could get dad’s help on my Data Structures and Algorithms (CS 300) homework. It turns out he rocks at C programming. He won’t do my entire homework for me, though. =P

Anyway, mom asked if we wanted to see the new house. Brian had never seen it so we took a break from the computer and went on a little field trip.

The new house is coming along nicely. Mom and dad could not ask for some of the options that they originally wanted to ask for because the work on the main level has already been completed. However, the house still looks nice. The builder wouldn’t pick yucky colors and fixtures after all. Dad said that they’ll select colors that are easy to sell so they were pretty safe in those terms. The only downside is that they weren’t able to request some of the upgrades that they wanted.

It was just as well as far as mom is concerned because she figured that all of the things they wanted would have driven up the cost of the house way, way higher than is typical in their neighborhood. She calls this “overbuilding.” From what she says it’s not really a good idea and she was glad that they were able to avoid it because for a while there they were both getting really carried away with the various upgrades and options that they wanted.

While we were there, I took some pictures with my camera phone. They’re in my Flickr album. Check them out when you get a chance.

The house is not very big but the floor plan is nice. It has three bedrooms on the main level (the master bedroom, a bedroom for Logan when he sleeps over, and a guest bedroom that Brian and I can use if we decide to spend the night) and two bedrooms in the basement (dad’s office and Jen’s room). It’s just the right size for mom and dad. They don’t forsee any more moves in the future.

While we were there we actually got to watch a few golfers go by. Their house is by the third hole so they’ll probably see a lot of golf traffic. It’s not too bad because some of them, particularly the clumsy beginners, are really entertaining to watch. There was a lady that actually made me laugh because of the way that she awkwardly swung at the golf ball. I could’ve sworn she missed the ball completely. I can’t tell, though, because my vision is not that great at far distances.

Anyway, mom and dad are really looking forward to moving into their new home. Mom even said she would throw a graduation party for me. At first I really didn’t want to attend graduation. Brian wants me to because he feels that graduating from college is a huge accomplishment (which it is) but I am kind of embarrassed that it has taken me this long to finish. I didn’t want to draw attention to the fact that it has taken me ten years just to get a bachelors.

I mean, other Filipino kids already have their masters and are working on their doctorates and curing cancer and all that stuff. You know what I am saying? And here I am just now graduating from college.

Mom said that it will probably be just a small get together with a few important people. That will probably keep the cost down because she wants it professionally catered. I told her it can be a house-warming-slash-graduation-party but more emphasis on the house warming part. LOL. Besides, I don’t really know that many people.

You can tell everyone is excited about the new house. Even Jen is looking forward to moving back in. This afternoon she was boasting to Brian and I that the entire basement is hers. Of course, we burst her bubble when we told her that dad’s office is going to be next to her bedroom and that mom and dad have nice plans for the family room and rec room (there’s going to be a wet bar in the basement, mostly it will be in the rec room) which do not include her taking over the entire space. She’s still excited, though. She thinks the party patio is her own private smoking coral. I would be excited too if I didn’t have to pay rent for a while.

Anyway, dad is taking pictures and posting it to their photo gallery as construction continues. I think it’s great to be able to see the house take shape. The house is pretty much finished but I’m curious about how the basement will look after all the work is complete. Stay tuned for updates.

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