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It’s a Sad World!

Posted on November 3, 2010 by under Life.    

Last night my wife and I had a small conversation about her being naive and the unfortunate way of the world. I tried to tell her that she needs to realize that not all people are nice. It’s an unfortunate thing, but it’s the truth. There are just not that many nice people in this world today. I told her that she need to look at it like everyone is evil until you get to know them better, there are people out there that will pretend to be your friend to take advantage of you. If you are on your guard and you don’t trust them then you wont get burned by them in the short term. This gives you the time you need to see if they are genuinely nice people, or were they trying to use you, con you are just all around hurt you in some way.

I know it’s a sad way to look at the world but just stop and think about it. We have people in this world that are taking advantage of the old, taking their life savings because they don’t want to get off their lazy asses and do an honest job. We have people posing as contractors, handy men, or repair men that will come in and get money up front then not do the work or do half the work and try to con people out of more money before they finish it. We have chain letters, e-mail scams and now phone apps that try to get us to give them bank account information so that they can wipe you out.

I try to see the good in people, but I look at the news and it makes it harder and harder to do that every day. I know there is good out there but they are all hiding from all of the bad in the world, afraid to come out and beat the bad down so that it doesn’t get out of hand. But that’s exactly what has happened, the bad had gotten out of hand. We don’t have enough people in the world that care any more. We have taken up a “It didn’t happen to me, it’s not my problem” stance on life. Then when it does happen to you, you go out to the world and say “Why didn’t anyone warn me” or “Why didn’t anyone help me”. The saddest part is, it’s not even the rich people that are getting the worst of it. The people that are getting targeted are the old, the not so well off and the people that just don’t have the knowledge to know that they are getting duped.

In my opinion, the world needs a cleansing. The world needs to have a natural catastrophe so big that it wakes up and says “Oh shit!, there are other people in this world, I should help them!”.

I witnessed two acts of just shear meanness this week. One was a man upset because he was going to be placed in a room off site from the regular hotel (but still within walking distance), he was beating up this woman because she would not put someone else in that room and give him one in the main complex, she held her composure and kept her cool. Later on, I complimented her and told her that she handled him very well. Then today I witnessed a woman tearing into a cleaning lady because she was cleaning her room at 3:00 in the afternoon. The cleaning lady tried to tell her that the rooms were cleaned in zones, but the woman didn’t listen and just kept tearing into her. The cleaning lady finally stopped talking and just waited for the woman to shut the door. In both cases there was no need for the meanness to have occurred. If both of those people would have just stopped and realized that the situations that they were in were out of their control and the people that were trying to explain were only doing their job and could not change the outcome no matter what, then maybe they could have stopped a little more hatred from being poured into this world.

Humanity is on a downward spiral and I don’t see anything that can stop it. I weep for the future and the generations that follow us.

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