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Brian at CORE

Posted on November 1, 2010 by under Health.    

2010-10-31 13.54.23.jpg

Brian was a good sport and actually did CORE with me on Sunday. I did my regular Sunday step class. Pam’s kid had football so Rebecca subbed again. I enjoy her routine so I actually like when she subs. Her CORE class is a lot tougher than Pam’s, though. It makes me realize how out of shape I really am. Brian hung in there, though.

2010-10-31 14.19.27.jpg

2010-10-31 14.20.31.jpg

Of course, we undid all the good of the workout that day by having ice cream. At least we just shared and didn’t each get one. That would have been worse.

2010-10-31 14.20.57.jpg

Incidentally, I’m now the “mayor” of the Baskin Robbins around the corner from our place. What’s that tell you? I should just give up trying to lose weight because, at this rate, it will never ever happen. LOL.

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