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Poltergeist at the Orpheum

Posted on October 31, 2010 by under Movies.    

2010-10-30 21.35.42.jpg

We got to see Poltergeist at the Orpheum last night courtesy of @Cox_Will. Thanks, again! Speaking of tweeple, meeting @ICTJennifer for the first time was definitely a highlight for me…

2010-10-30 18.39.49.jpg

I always enjoy meeting WichiTweeps. Jennifer was greeting people at the entrance and taking pictures of those in costume for the annual costume contest. Brian and I were supposed to enter in the couples category, but Brian was a spoil sport and didn’t want to go up to the stage. Oh, well. Our costumes this year were pretty lame anyway. The other costumes were way better. Amelia Earhart was my favorite.

2010-10-30 19.05.29.jpg

When Zelda first appeared in the movie, I whispered to Jay that I wanted to be her for Halloween next year. He busted up laughing because he had the same thought. Except he said I’d be too tall. I never thought I’d be too tall for anything. LOL.

Poltergeist was actually more hilarious than it was scary. It’s funny how cheesy old horror films are. Of course, Jay was relentless with his side comments. We were having our very own version of MST3K.

2010-10-30 21.29.18.jpg

I didn’t realize that Brian had never been to the Orpheum before. Since it was his first time, I wanted to be sure we got a photo. Hopefully, we’ll get to go again. It’s kind of an interesting place to watch movies. 🙂

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