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So Much for Confidentiality

Posted on October 23, 2010 by under Health.    

2010-10-21 12.31.27.jpg

Brian, Jan and I went down to the health fair at work the other day. We just had a quick lunch and headed down to the atrium to check things out.

2010-10-21 12.36.24.jpg

Jan got to do some kind of digital allergy demo.

2010-10-21 12.40.47.jpg

Brian and I were curious about our blood types so we did that. We got blood tests before we got married almost ten years ago, but somehow we’d forgetten our blood types. Brian did his first.

2010-10-21 12.42.08.jpg

Brian’s blood type is A+ which is the most common blood type of all. I was still teasing Brian about being common when I got my result. My blood type is A+ as well. No wonder we’re so compatible! LOL.

Brian said that he had read somewhere that since we both have the same blood type then our offspring will have zero chance of birth defects. What a revelation! I mean, after all, that’s the only thing that’s been keeping us from having kids all these years. (I’m being fascetious.)

Incidentally, there was an EMPAC booth/table at the health fair. The lady at the booth said “Hi. We are EMPAC…” and was about to tell me all about their services when she looked at me and then looked at the name on my work badge and then looked at me again and said, “You’re familiar with our services.” It felt awkward and I wasn’t sure what to say so I just replied with “Yes, I am.” There wasn’t much to say or do after that so I simply moved on to the next booth.

I mean… Come on, man! Might as well tell everyone in the room that I’m emotionally unbalanced. So much for confidentiality!

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