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Rock Band Night

Posted on October 20, 2010 by under Things to Do.    

2010-10-09 20.28.39.jpg

We had fun hanging out with the Dills and Farrars a couple of weeks ago. I had my days mixed up and thought The Fabulous Fleshtones were playing at The Port of Wichita on the 9th. The actually weren’t playing until the 16th. The six of us ended up shooting some pool at Fox and Hound instead and then hanging out, drinking, and playing Rock Band at our townhouse.

This is a picture of Jay and Brian with Saif on speaker phone. Jay and Becca were looking through my blog books and we got to reminiscing about the good, old days of the Ponderosa Poker Posse. That’s when Jay had the brilliant idea of calling Saif.

2010-10-09 21.08.15.jpg

When Ronnie and April showed up, we all drove to Fox and Hound down the street. As we were walking inside, Brian and I remembered that Cory and April were supposed to be doing a mystery shop at Fox and Hound that day and wondered if they were still there. That’s when Jay and Brian ended up drunk-dialing Cory also.

2010-10-09 22.10.35.jpg

About five minutes before 11 pm, they all decide that we need a last-minute liquor run. We quickly paid our tabs, raced out the door and piled into our cars. Brian and I rode with Jay and Becca, while Ronnie and April drove separately. It was a race to the liquor store before closing time. I felt like an Amazing Race contestant. We barely made it in time!

2010-10-10 00.33.28.jpg

We spent the rest of the evening back at our place, playing Rock Band.

2010-10-10 00.17.56.jpg

2010-10-10 00.35.01.jpg

2010-10-10 00.36.24.jpg

I’d almost forgotten how much I love this game.

2010-10-10 00.37.55.jpg

It’s times like these when I wish we had a bigger place. Our townhouse is so tiny and feels so crowded even if we just have a few people over. Brian and I really enjoy having company over, though.

This Friday Brian is making his delicious roast for dinner. We’re hosting the Phelpi and Dills for a pre-party dinner party. LOL. We got four pounds of meat, so that should be plenty. We picked up a bunch of stuff from Dillons for our dinner party and realized just today that we didn’t pick up any vegetables. Leave it up to us to serve an un-balanced meal. I don’t know how I ever thought we could be vegetarian. =P

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