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I’m a Month Behind at Posting Photos

Posted on September 12, 2010 by under Life.    

I probably won’t get caught up by this weekend, but it’s worth a shot. LOL. I’ll make a valiant effort, though. Here are the photos from our camping adventure a few weeks ago. It was the first time that Brian and I had gone camping together.

2010-08-28 07.05.25.jpg

Because we’re nerds, we brought way too much stuff with us. We packed like we were going to stay there for a week; as opposed to overnight, which is all we were doing.

The Phelpi and their family were already there. They actually stayed on Friday night. The Dills and Brian and I decided we would come on Saturday and stay only one night, though. It worked out great because we promised to bring them fresh LaMars on Saturday morning.

2010-08-28 08.02.36.jpg

After delivering the donuts, our first task was to set up shelter.

2010-08-28 10.52.17.jpg

Thanks to Mom and Dad B for loaning us their camping gear, including this nice tent.

2010-08-28 10.49.25.jpg

I think we went way overboard with the blankets. It was a nice evening and the weather was perfect. We brought way more blankets than we really needed.

2010-08-28 13.00.15.jpg

Gavin was wearing the Alcatraz shirt that we got for him that day.

2010-08-28 13.00.45.jpg

2010-08-28 12.58.52.jpg

April and Brian chillaxin’ by our tent in our awning chairs.

2010-08-28 18.17.45.jpg

We ended up having to move our tent a few yards away because we originally had it set up by the swimming area. I guess that isn’t allowed.

2010-08-28 16.30.27.jpg

By the way, here’s how “brilliant” we are… We put our camping permit on before we put on the rain cover. LOL. Well, at first Brian didn’t want to put the rain cover on because he was afraid that it would make the inside of the tent too hot. Then we decided to put the cover on at the last minute, but I’d already put the permit on. The park rangers didn’t give us a hard time about it, though. Shoot, the Dills didn’t even bother with a getting a permit and they were fine. =P

2010-08-28 14.55.40.jpg

Here’s Brian taking a nap inside our tent.

2010-08-28 18.36.27.jpg

2010-08-28 18.36.54.jpg

2010-08-28 18.38.05.jpg


The Dills arrived later that day. Brian helped them set up their mansion… Err, tent.

2010-08-28 18.00.15.jpg

Becca and Jay, post tent set up.

Photo from April's Camera

Photo from April's Camera

Photo from April's Camera

We played a little bit of Ladder Golf before sitting around the campfire for hotdogs, smores, and some great conversation.

Photo from April's Camera

Photo from April's Camera

Photo from April's Camera

Photo from April's Camera

Christy’s middle child, Evan, was sweet and sat with me in my chair. He mostly just wanted to play with my phone, though. =P

Photo from April's Camera

Cory with Evan and Marshall.

2010-08-29 09.20.55.jpg

Evan and Marshall playing Angry Birds on Christy’s phone the next day, while Cory cooked us some bacon.

2010-08-29 08.26.44.jpg

2010-08-29 08.25.45.jpg

Camping was lot of fun. I didn’t think I would enjoy it at first, but I actually liked it. Mostly I liked sleeping outdoors. Reminds me of summers in Tanjay. Anyway, Brian and I decided we’ll do some more camping in the future.

P.S. Click here for more of our camping photos.

P.P.S. In an effort to keep this blog G-rated, I purposely avoided mentioning the religious revival in the shelter next to our camp site that almost ruined the best part of the camping experience for me. Good thing they were all gone by nightfall. 😉

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