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Another Busy Week

Posted on August 19, 2010 by under Health, Life.    

It’s been another busy week, which means I missed going to the gym again. On Monday night we were invited to dinner at Brian’s parents’ house. They gave us our anniversary gift. They are always so generous to us. This year tops all other years, though. Their gift went towards getting us our new Samsung Vibrant Galaxy S phones! I think we are also going to use it towards new stainless steel cookware and then maybe some new window treatments and a 16G microSD card for Brian.

Tuesday night was spent at the Phelpi. It was Tekken and WSOP night. I went undefeated at Tekken for most of the night until the very last game that Jay and I played. I think seven consecutive wins is pretty good, though. I don’t know that anyone else in our crew has achieved the same feat. We left our Tekken game over there because Cory was whining that he’d only played the game twice. I figured he could use some practice. =P Just kidding, Cory!

Mr. Miyagi

Brian and Miyagi

Ching and Miyagi

Jay and Becca

On Wednesday, Misty and I had our first laser hair removal appointments at the Kellogg Clinic. We went in together. It wasn’t as bad as I thought, but it was pretty painful. The nurse practitioner, Steve, said that he will numb me next time, though, since I am such a wuss.


Misty could handle a much higher laser setting because she’s fair-skinned and fair-haired. It’s more painful for me because of my dark skin color. That is what Steve says, anyhow.


Misty got to wear the cool shades.


Misty and I agreed that we like going together because we’re chatting while we’re getting treated and so it keeps our mind off it. Although, there was no getting around the pain that I felt. It burned! Also, burnt hair smells bad. FYI.


After our appointment, we treated ourselves to “Bang Wednesday” at Bonefish Grill. Mom, Dad, Jenni, JenTevs, her husband Armand, Mikki, Mikki’s sister, Misty, Brian and I all met up there. I think the Bonefish folks were starting to get annoyed at us because we started out with a reservation for four, that turned into six, that turned into nine, that turned into ten. We just kept calling back to add more people to the reservation. I can’t blame them for being irritated. We were a bit of a pain.

Tonight was supposed to be Shamrock night, but I got home too late last night to organize my closet so that ended up having to be done today. We didn’t finish early enough to make it to The Shamrock. I really wanted to see Virginia Williams, too! The last time I’d heard her perform was last year before Highlands closed. 🙁

Tomorrow night is Rush night. Looking forward to that. Brian’s isn’t too excited about it, though. He hates Rush. Mostly he’s just going for me.

So yeah.. Here’s to another busy week, which means no workout. Ugh. I will be hitting it hard this weekend, though, to make up for slacking during the week.

Until next time.


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  • Replies to "Another Busy Week"


    Jo  on August 20, 2010

    I missed Zumba to go out eat that night. Not a smart trade. I should stick to eat at home. I got to stay in shape ….


    JennieCummings21  on September 2, 2010

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