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Who Spoiled This Kid?

Posted on August 9, 2010 by under Family, Life.    

So Brian and Logan were watching Gurren Lagann (one of Logan’s favorite animes) upstairs in the spare room, currently dubbed Logan’s room. I’ve got a load of laundry going so I stayed downstairs and was watching International House Hunters (of course, though, it was a repeat this time).

After watching a couple of episodes Brian asked Logan, “Do you want to watch another one?” Gurren Lagann is an animated series with several episodes that you can watch on Netflix Instant Watch.

“Yeah,” Logan replied. “But only if we can watch it downstairs.”

When Brian asked why, Logan told him that the TV was too small. The TV in that room is a 47″ LCD, mind you, and it is plenty big enough for Brian and me. At least until Brian decided he wanted an LED LCD TV, which is what we have downstairs. The TV downstairs is 55″ so it is actually bigger, but not by much. I didn’t think that a few more inches made that much of a difference on the display, honestly. If I had to guess, I think Logan can tell that the picture quality is better downstairs and that’s what he’s picking up on. He might be thinking that the clarity is better because it’s a slightly bigger TV and doesn’t realize that it’s a better TV altogether.

Whatever the case, Logan is completely ruined from watching regular TV. I’m pretty sure that I will find him watching Netflix downstairs instead of the TV in his room when I wake up tomorrow morning. =P

P.S. I think Brian is ruined also because now he’s hooked on Gurren Lagann. And he wouldn’t even have known that this manga series existed if it weren’t for Logan.

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