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Kids Nowadays

Posted on August 9, 2010 by under Family, Life.    

Yesterday, after Logan’s mom and dad left, Brian offered to show Logan how to operate the TV in his room. He was like, “I can show you how to work the TV so you can watch cartoons when you wake up in the morning.”

Logan didn’t seem that interested.

“You watch cartoons in the morning, right?” Brian asked. Of course, this is what Brian and I did growing up. You get up in the morning and have breakfast in front of the TV, while watching cartoons. I mean, who didn’t watch Saturday morning cartoons? I’m pretty sure Brian and I weren’t the only nerdy kids of our era.

“I watch Netflix on my XBOX in the morning,” Logan explained in a blase, nonchalant kind of way that made both Brian and I feel uncool (like, come on, morning cartoons are so yesterday), but at the same time impressed us because we have an appreciation for nerdiness and our nephew was showing some of that.

“Let me show you how to use the Blu-ray player in your room then because that’s how you get to our Netflix,” Brian replied without missing a beat; and then Brian added a whole bunch of shows that Logan wanted to our Instant Watch queue on Netflix. He is so good with children.

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