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One Heck of a Busy Week

Posted on August 2, 2010 by under Family, Health, Life, Things to Do.    

It may be Saturday again before I get a chance to make it to the Y so I’m going to need to squeeze some working out at lunch time. I had planned on working out with Brian after work, but I noticed that I had a UPS package from Amazon that was scheduled to be delivered today. I ended up rushing home before the leasing office closed so I could pick up my package. (I may do some crunches on my stability ball after I post this to make up for not working out today. We’ll see.)

Here’s what’s going on this week that’s keeping me from making it to the Y:

Tuesday – Mystery shop at Granite City, which reminds me, I need to go over those materials to make sure I know what I’m supposed to score them on. It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these.

Wednesday – Movie date with Misty. We’re going to see Inception for cheap movie night. I think Brian’s dad will be meeting us at the theater also. I can’t wait to see Inception. I heard it’s pretty good.

Thursday – Waxing at Beau Monde and then Western Hoe-Down at QAC. Our apartment complex is hosting a Western pool party with Jet BBQ, Legend of Windwagon Smith, music, games and prizes. Sounds like loads of fun.

Brian found the note/invitation hanging on our door last week, but we completely just spaced it out. I’m glad that I was at the leasing office earlier because we totally forgot to RSVP. Sue was like, “Are you guys coming to the party on Thursday?” I told her that I’d be there and she asked, “So I should put you down for two then?” It took a while to register because I didn’t realize that I was supposed to RSVP. Brian failed to tell me that part. “Brian is coming too, right?” I was like, “I suppose I’ll bring him with me… Put us down for two please.”

Friday – Dinner at Bonefish Grill and then I think Brian is taking me out to Suede for Salsa night. I’ve decided I might take the new dress for a spin. Kind of like a dress rehearsal of sorts. LOL. This will be our anniversary celebration because we have Logan (our nephew) on our actual anniversary day.

Saturday – I’ll finally be able to make it to the Y (Andover branch). Can’t miss Saturdays because it’s my favorite step class. Afterward we’ll be doing some intense house cleaning in preparation for Logan’s visit. We’ll have to interrupt the house cleaning for a brief stop at the Phelpi for Gavin’s 1st birthday, though.

Sunday – Step and Core (North branch) and then Logan arrives. Not sure yet what time, but we’ll be ready for him anytime. Brian is doing his P90X workout at home so he’ll be home all day in case Logan arrives earlier in the afternoon. Will need to check with the Cannadys to find out what time they’ll be dropping him off and if they want to have dinner over here.

Monday – Brian and I are both taking off work to take Logan to Tanganyika. I love that place! Jennifer Cannady is going to have her c-section at 7 AM that morning (7 am on 8-9-10; yes, we’re a family of nerds) so I figured we could take Logan to Tanganyika at 9 AM, spend a couple of hours there, have lunch and then head to the hospital to visit mom and baby Quentin. The rest of Monday will be spent swimming at the pool and playing video games. (JC – Please don’t forget to pack swim trunks for Logan!)

Tuesday – Brian goes back to work, but I’ll still be off. This is the day we have to return Logan to his mom and dad. Booo! I might just catch up on work stuff in the afternoon after Logan is gone.

So there you have it. One heck of a busy week. Not much gym time, but if I can spend 30 minutes of my lunch break at the fitness center at work that should help a little. Have a wonderful week, everyone!

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