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Felix and Hobbie

Posted on March 22, 2003 by under Babies.    

Not much going on today.. Just staying home, washing dishes, doing laundry, working on daddy’s birthday present, working out and just being bumming around the house (not necessarily in that order). It’s about six o’clock and I’ve barely begun laundry, I haven’t done the dishes and I’m still trying to get motivated to work out. The only thing I’ve accomplished today is bumming around the house and tweaking dad’s suprise. Two out of four ain’t bad. I’m performing at 50% productivity today. It’s so weird because now that we’ve got a working furnace and it’s not so cold inside the house I can’t get myself to work out when during the week that our furnace was broke I woke up at seven everyday and worked out for an hour — I even had to work out in a turtleneck because it was so cold. Now that conditions are more conducive to working out I can’t get myself to do it. Isn’t that something?

Anyway, I took a break earlier. I played with the cats and took some pictures. Felix and Hobbie were helping me procrastinate. Now Blogger is my distraction. I better quit this procrastinating crap already, otherwise I won’t be able to cross off the things on my to-do list. Here are some pictures of Felix and Hobbie to keep you company. I may not be back for a few days because I have to relocate Golden Sushi to a more reliable server (as soon as Fateback’s servers are back up) and work on the new webzine.

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