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Say What! Male Nurses in Panties!

Posted on September 19, 2005 by under Life.    

Being as several members of my family have worked in the medical profession at one point or another and I believe even some of them were considered “Nurses” by the standards of their time. I found this article to be very interesting and somewhat disturbing.
I found the following article at:

A recent letter from a male nurse describing his experience of being forced to wear female underwear was most interesting. The girls who did this to him and his roommate were absolutely right. For some time now I have been concerned over the appearance of my male nurses. Most uniform trousers are not opaque enough to camouflage the fly fronts of men’s jockey briefs. Bikini briefs look just as ridiculous because the low waist bands are frequently visible below the jacket half of the uniform. In addition, so many male nurses seem to insist on wearing ugly cotton t-shirts under their uniform tops. This strikes me as not unlike a woman who allows her slip to show. Equally-awful, as far as I’m concerned, are those ugly, bulky athletic socks that men have taken to wearing. They are never laundered completely white.

The whole subject came to a head several months ago when I went to hospital unexpectedly while visiting my parents. One of the nurses caring for me was an extremely competent, tall, good-looking male of about twenty five. In addition to his remarkable personal attributes, Danny’s appearance in his spotless uniform was nothing less than stunning. I tried to work out just what it was about him that distinguished him from his counterparts. First of all, there was no ugly t-shirt visible at his neckline, only smooth hairless skin with a beautiful plain gold chain around his neck. Most interesting was the fact that his polyester uniform pants had no fly down the front, only a single seam. Most surprising of all was the fact that there was no visual evidence showing through his trousers of any fly front on his briefs. This left me extremely curious.

However, my curiosity was short-lived. A day or two later Danny had to stoop over to clean up the mess I had accidentally made by knocking over my water glass. As he bent over, his uniform top rode up high enough to reveal about two inches of satiny white nylon panties. The thought that this gorgeous male nurse might be wearing women’s silk panties had never crossed my mind! Composing myself quickly I remarked softly, ‘I like your taste in underwear’. When there was no reply I decided to venture a question. ‘Do
you wear panties all the time?’ I asked, ‘Or just when you’re in uniform?’ As he slowly got back on his feet, Danny, his face beet red , said, ‘I have to wear them all the time. They’re the only underwear I’m allowed to have. My wife, who’s also a nurse, says that panties are what real nurses wear’.

When I asked him what kind of socks he wore, Danny lifted his right leg to reveal a nice pair of white knee-high stockings which were sheer enough to give ample evidence that his legs were kept cleanly shaved. ‘Sometimes’, Danny added, ‘especially in cold weather, my wife makes me wear white tights in addition to my panties’.

At that point you could have knocked me over with a feather. Then it slowly dawned on me that here was the answer to the problem of the male nurse dress code that had been bothering me. The appearance of the uniform is being ruined because the wrong things are being worn with it, and under it. In addition to the obvious fact that women’s panties and stockings greatly enhance the appearance of any male nurse’s uniform, these garments provide a great psychological advantage as well. Nursing has traditionally been a female domain and, to my way of thinking, one in which we must keep the upper hand. If men wish to invade our territory, they must do so only on our terms. It occurs to me that having to wear women’s underwear is a good reminder to the boys that this profession rightly belongs to women. Surely no male who experiences the constant rubbing of silky panties and stockings against his hairless body will be able to forget who’s boss.

The one thing I have not yet solved is the problem of the hideous cotton t-shirt. I would be interested to know how your readers will react to my ideas, especially those in the nursing profession, both male and female. Let me make myself perfectly clear. I am boldly suggesting that we who are in positions of authority within the nursing profession take the necessary steps to design and enforce a new dress code for the males in our departments – something inoffensive, yet slightly girlish. Speak up, nurses, and let us hear your feelings!
Ms. R.L., Hampstead

When this letter was originally published, nurses were still educated by the old apprenticeship system, and still wore proper nurses’ uniform. Today, when the education of nurses has been captured by the politically correct totalitarian left, the drop out rate for nurses has never been higher. Caring for patients, helping them to relax, and giving them the reassurance that you are patiently there when needed, has a genuinely curative effect, no doubt via some pathway involving the brain and the immune system of the body. Studies have been done which have shown that nurses wearing traditional uniform (dress, starched pinafore, nurses’ cap etc.) promote faster and better recovery than comparable patients overseen by the modern blue slacks-and-shirt nurses , whom elderly patients too often do not even recognize as nurses, much to the detriment of their health.

We need to restore nursing education to the system of forty years ago, restore hospital management to the Matron, and, if we are to have male nurses (and somehow they do not have the nurturing, healing effect of properly presented female nurses ) then by all means make their uniform somewhat feminine . But the really important thing today is to restore the female nurse’s uniforms efficient but caring femininity; that is a matter of urgency.

Say What!!!

Now that I have read this I believe that if I were to ever visit a Hospital again and see a male nurse, I might get punched for asking “do you wear panties”…

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Replies to "Say What! Male Nurses in Panties!"


Steve Reynolds, RN  on June 12, 2007

In my 18 years of nursing, I have lost count of the number of times that patients have told me that the level of care that I have given them is superior to care received from other nurses, the majority of those nurses being of the female persuasion.

The writer of the piece you quote apparently pines for the bad ol’ days of nurses being subservient to male docs, and of nurses having few technical skills with which to save critically-ill patients.

Male nurses are here to stay. You need to deal with that fact!



Zachary K.; BSN,RN  on May 2, 2008

I thought that I must have been the only man that this was happening to. When I am not at work, I wear a white undershirt,white briefs,boxers (I wear boxers over my briefs because I have been made fun of before for wearing briefs; I have also been made fun of for doing that), and white socks. However, when I am at work my (female) supervisor forces me to wear a white bra underneath my undershirt,white panties,white stockings,and white tights. Every day when I go into work I have to report to my supervisor’s office and she makes me take all of my clothes off and completely strip-searches me, in front of my charge nurse as her witness. If I am not wearing my required female underwear, she handcuffs my hands and feet and I am spanked with a large,thick board and she won’t stop until I am screaming and crying. Then, she washes my mouth out with soap, and I have to stand,naked,in the corner of the room for 15 minutes, then they make me get dressed while they are watching me. When I first started working there, my supervisor and charge nurse called me into the office and they took my clothes off of me, and physically forced the bra,panties,stockings,and tights onto me, while I was stuggling to try to prevent them from seeing my privates.
All of the female nurses at work know that my supervisor does this to me, and they think that she is correct to do it.
To make matters worse my wife is best friends with my supervisor, my wife also spanks me,washes my mouth out with soap,and makes me stand in the corner of the room naked. My wife has been talking to my supervisor recently about making me wear the female underwear all the time and never allowing me to wear my own male underwear.


Zachary K.; BSN,RN  on May 2, 2008

My wife,supervisor,and charge nurse also require me to keep all of my body hair,(face,chest,back,stomach,thighs,legs,feet,arms,hands,privates) completely shaved. All three of them also make fun of me and laugh at me for being a male nurse. I am continuously humiliated.

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