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Richard and Amy

Posted on July 12, 2010 by under Life.    

Richard and Amy were in town for the weekend. Initially we were going to have dinner on Saturday, but when they found out that Brian was arriving on Sunday night we moved dinner to Sunday instead so that Brian could join us. It worked out because they had other friends they wanted to get together with on Saturday as well. That left me with nothing to do on Saturday at first, until I found out about the movie party.

The five of us (Richard, Amy, my sister Jenni, Brian and I) met for dinner at Hana Cafe. It’s one of Richard’s favorite places to eat when he’s in town. I guess this is because there’s not a lot of Korean options where he lives Texas.

Jenni bailed after dinner, but ended up being a long day for both Brian and I because I still had to submit the info from the mystery shop I’d done earlier that day. Since Richard’s mom just dropped them off while she went to visit with her friend, we ended up having them over to our place. We live close to where Richard’s mom was at anyhow so it worked out okay.

I decided to do my mystery shop survey while the three of them were out on the patio. The guys smoked Brian’s cigars. I figured this would help so that I wouldn’t be up all night after they left still filling out my survey. I still had to scan and upload my receipt, though. (I didn’t get all the way through the survey so I still ended up having to work on it after they left anyway. =P)

We ended up playing some Rock Band and Tekken, which brought back memories. Brian and Richard and I used to play Tekken Tag until the wee hours of the morning ten years ago when we lived at our townhouse on 32nd Street. It was still July 11 when our guests left so we didn’t end up playing video games until the next day.

Thank, God!

Brian and I both had to work the next day. I fully expected to work today, but I woke up completely exhausted from the long day. I ended up taking a day of vacation, which works out because I need to do Brian’s laundry from his trip anyway.

Brian went to work today because he has no vacation time. I’m not sure how he’s coping though. He was up for almost 24 hours from traveling. He must have gotten a nap while flying over the Atlantic.

I must say, I can’t wait until I can resume my normal routine!

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    Arcade games  on July 13, 2010



    Arcade games  on July 13, 2010

    Sounds very interesting

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