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Day 2 of Our Anniversay Celebration

Posted on August 17, 2005 by under Life.    

Stuffed French Toast Covered with Fruit, Sausage and Poached Egg by Ching

Day 2 of our anniversary started out with a fancy breakfast. Not something that Brian really likes to eat. I thought it was yummy, though. It was stuffed French toast covered with mixed fruit (the mixed fruit consisted of grapes, peaches, mangos and some other stuff – it was yummy), served with a sausage patty and poached egg on the side. I ate my share and Brian’s. I was a pig! Then again, when am I not.

After breakfast we went to Wichita State to pay my tuition and claim my loan rebate. I couldn’t pay by mail because my financial aid got messed up this semester. By the time I got my loan letter, it was too late to pay by mail and I had to pay in person. I hadn’t done that in forever and I never want to do it again. It sucked. I hate waiting in line.

Since we were in the area we decided to stop by the house to check on our planets because we couldn’t go on vacation mode. I had arranged for JW to build my nanite factory the night before but he got drunk, lost my password and didn’t do it. Thank God I didn’t get attacked in the meantime. It was a good thing we checked our planets when we did.

Our next stop was Healing Waters for our couples massage. We booked an hour an half this time because it’s a special occasion. I didn’t really get to enjoy it as much, though, because I fell asleep. By the time I awoke it was all over. Okay, that’s an exaggeration. I wasn’t out that long. I was out for part of the time, though.

We left Healing Waters a little after 3p and headed to PF Chang’s for a late lunch/early supper. It was pretty much us and a couple of other tables. I think the best time to eat at PF Chang’s is during their slow times because then you get the best service ever, which we did. Our server, Alison, was awesome.

We started our meal with chicken lettuce wraps and pan fried dumplings. We told Alison that we wanted to share Mongolian beef and she suggested getting a combination of different meats. So we ended up with Mongolian beef and pork. It was perfect because we still got to share one dish but I got my pork fill. Brian is more of a beef guy himself. I told Alison that I normally get the spicy chicken and eggplant but I substitue the chicken with pork. It is really good, but I wouldn’t be able to finish it after the appetizers and since we weren’t going back home I didn’t really want to take any leftovers.

After our food came, Alison came back to check on us to make sure that we were enjoying our combination dish. We got to talking about making substitions on the ingredients because Brian and I really aren’t that fond of green onions. She said that we could ask for the Mongolian beef with eggplants next time since we just scrape the green onions off anyway. At least I would be able to eat the eggplants. I kind of made a face because I wasn’t too sure how the eggplant would taste with the Mongolian sauce so she offered to bring some out for me to try. She came back a couple of minutes later with a dish consisting of three large pieces of eggplant covered in Mongolian sauce. It was pretty good but not quite as good as the original sauce it comes with. I may be able to talk Brian into getting my eggplant dish with beef and pork next time, though.

Anyway, Alison was super nice and super informative. When she found out we were celebrating our anniversary, she offered to buy us dessert. I really wanted banana spring rolls, but Brian hates it so I compromised and we had the great wall of chocolate. I was totally bundat by the time we left the resto.

We went back to the Castle totally stuffed. We hung around the room a bit and I heard some people outside. As it turns out, another couple arrived to spend the night. Damn the luck! That meant there would be no roaming around the Castle naked. Anyway, I was curious so I told Brian I was stepping out to see if I could have a threesome with the other couple. In reality, though, I was just going downstairs to get some Pepsi. Much to my disappointment, the other couple consisted of two old fogys. So an orgy was out of the question. On the upside, I found two cans of Pepsi downstairs. They only put out Coke yesterday, but we told the lady we preferred Pepsi at breakfast and she put some Pepsi out for us. I thought that was really nice and thoughtful of them.

I came back to the room and decided to hop in the Jacuzzi. That’s when I took those solo Jacuzzi pictures that you saw in the Flickr album because Brian wouldn’t join me.

After my soak it was time to get ready for poker at the Loft. Becca and Dill wanted us to go to Sharky’s but Brian hates that place so we opted to play the early session at the Loft instead. Neither of us played well and both ended up getting knocked out of the tourney relatively early. It worked out because we had other plans anyway.

We went back to the Castle but much to our disappointment there was a party going on again. We thought we merely had the other couple to contend with, now strangers were wandering all over the Castle. We decided to just keep to our room. It suited me just fine because what I wanted to do couldn’t be done in public view anyway.

We decided to Jacuzzi it one more time since we wouldn’t be able to the next day. I asked Brian to setup the camcorder and the tripod. He hemmed and hawed at first, but I finally got him to do it. I figured it was better to be prepared in case we got frisky – which we did.

After getting some good Jacuzzi footage we moved on to the chair in front of the fireplace. We got some good cunnilingus footage from that section of the room I think. I have actually watched the vids yet, but it would have to be good because we didn’t get to video tape a lot. I’m not sure if we got some video footage from the bed. I hope we did.

Anyway, after our sex romp concluded we still had a lot of energy. The party was still going on downstairs, though. So we stayed put. I took advantage of the opportunity to write in the little guestbook that belongs to our room. Of course, I wrote several pages worth. LOL. You all know I’m a journalling fiend. So anyway, if any of you ever stay at the Castle be sure to check my entry in the guestbook of the room we stayed in, the Royal Court.

Afterwards, when the party had quieted down and we felt certain that all the party guests had left we put clothes on and went downstairs to peruse the renovation pictures. They were actually quite interesting. It’s amazing how dilapidated the Castle was and how nice it is now. I know I said that the Castle looks much bigger in pictures than it does in real life when we first arrived but, after looking at the renovation pictures, I am thoroughly impressed with what they had accomplished. I could never imagine being able put all the rubble together and create such a cozy and lavish inn.

The evening concluded without a trip to the turret. However, I did get Brian to promise to allow me to wander around the Castle again the next morning to read all the other messages in all the other guestbooks in all the other rooms. I act like a six-year-old sometimes, I know. I’m really curious what other guests have to say though, what sort of events they were celebrating, that sort of thing.

Most of the people who stayed in our room before us were celebrating anniversaries, they were on their wedding night, honeymooning etc. There was a couple of who celebrated a late Valentine in March. A few others who were surprised with a stay in the Royal Court as birthday or Christmas presents. Some were even proposed to on their stay.


Messages From Previous Guests

I thought one guy did it really cute because he did it while they were up in the turret. He dropped his phone intentionally, but made it look like it was an accident. She wrote that she expected him to pick up the phone, but he got on bended knee instead and proposed to her. Isn’t that just adorable? I teased Brian that he never did romantic stuff like that for me. Our proposal story almost pales in comparison. But then, when you figure that we had very limited resources at the time, I think Brian did his proposal pretty well. It’s still very memorable.

Anyhow, we’re not really romatic sort of people. Do you guys think we’re romantic? We’re more the pick-your-boogers or stick-your-hand-under-your-armpits-and-smell-them sort. Sometimes you’ll get lucky and catch us acting civilized, but those moments pretty rare. You’d probably sooner have a unicorn sighting.

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