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You Should Have Been There!

Posted on April 10, 2010 by under Life.    

Normally when I leave work there is a variety of different people that are in the parking garage booth. Most of the time they just sit there and don’t say or do anything. Thursday was a little different.

As I was leaving, one of my former employees (who I fired back when I worked as a Supervisor at T-Mobile) was standing in the window and noticed me as I was leaving and said, “Hi.” In past experiences with old employees that’s usually all the interaction that I get (or want; I fired most of them and they are never happy to see me). However, this time was different.

I had to leave early on Friday (we had to meet the maintenance man to put up the new window treatments for the living room), to pick up Ching so that she could make sure that it was done correctly. As I was leaving, the same person was in the booth and actually stopped me. The conversation went a little like this.

Booth Girl: Wait!
Me: (Thinking to myself, “OK. Here it comes. She’s going to blame me for firing her and her present pitiful work situation.”)
BG: Do you remember the Kokapelli dolls you had on your desk?
Me: Yep. (Thinking to myself again, “Why?”)
BG: Well I don’t know if you remember the guy I was dating at TMo but we got married and had a couple of kids. After my second kid I got a Kokapelli tattoo right here (using her hand to rub her inner thigh right next to her crotch).

At this point, I’m thinking “Oh, crap! Not this!” This is where it gets kind of sad and funny all at the same time.

BG: So I’m no longer married and I don’t have any kids anymore.
Me: (This is when I started thinking, “What the hell happened to your kids? Did you eat them? Did you take them to Nebraska and drop them off at the hospital because you didn’t want them? What the hell happened to them?” How exactly does one have kids and then not have them anymore?).
BG: So how are things with you and your wife? (Probably fishing for my marital situation.)
Me: Things are great. I’m actually on my way to pick her up right now and I’m running late.
BG: That’s nice. I am so happy for you.

At this point, I said bye and she opened the gate (which had actually dropped closed during our exchange). You could tell by the tone of her voice and the look on her face that she was disappointed. I got over to Ching and could not wait to tell her about this little conversation.

I have decided that in the future I will take the Water exit and loop around to Broadway to avoid the booth and any more awkward conversations.

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