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California Academy of Sciences

Posted on March 25, 2010 by under Travel.    

Jay and Becca didn’t have time to go to the California Academy of Sciences (CAS) so they ended up giving us their CAS passes. Brian and I offered to pick up the kids’ admission ($15 each) and we were going to have Sheryll and Clayton use Jay and Becca’s passes so that we could save $50. Adult admission is $25 each. After we got there, we realized that they don’t like it when the ticket has been torn off the City Pass stub. Brian and I figured that worst case scenario we’d just pick up Sheryll and Clayton’s admission also, since it was our idea to go to CAS. We were hoping that they would let us use all our passes, though.

I think what helped was that there were 9 of us: six adults (Pia, JP, Sheryll, Clayton, Brian and I) and three kids (Steffanno, Cameron and Sam). Plus, they were probably too busy to hassle with us. Pia bought her ticket at the kiosk; JP at the ticket booth to get his student discount; Brian bought the kids’ admission at the kiosk; and then Sheryll, Clayton, Brian and I had the four passes. Brian and I were so relieved that we were able to use all our passes and didn’t have to spend an extra $50. LOL!

CAS was so much fun. We took lots of pictures. Check them out below.

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