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Fishermans Wharf Courtyard Marriott

Posted on March 2, 2010 by under Travel.    


This is the hotel that we stayed at in San Francisco. It is located right on Fishermans Wharf so we were within walking distance of the pier and all the touristy stuff thereabouts. As I mentioned before in a previous post, we had fantastic service from the staff (specially Edward). I wouldn’t mind staying here again, even at full price.

Brian, Becca and Jay

I love traveling with the Dills because, being travel agents, they get the best deals on hotel rooms. The four nights of hotel stay at Fishermans Wharf in San Francisco cost us less than $250. What a deal!

Jay and Becca

Brian trying out the comfy bed..

Pigging out on In-N-Out
FW: no subject

I do not recommend taking In-N-Out back to your hotel room. That odor just permeates the entire room and you can’t get rid of that In-N-Out smell.

Brian, Jay and Becca initially planned on eating at In-N-Out, but Brian said it was way too crowded. There was no place to sit. As a last resort, they decided to take the food “to go” and take it back to our hotel.

In the elevator, Brian asked Jay if he wanted to eat in their room or in ours. Without missing a beat, Jay said he’d like to eat in our room because he didn’t want to stink up their room. A stranger in the elevator laughed and said, “That’s some forward-thinking right there.”

As soon as they were done eating, I made Brian take out the In-N-Out sacks and leave it in the hallway for the housekeeping staff to pick up. It’s good burgers, but I can’t stand that smell. Blech. I think the hotel staff and other guests were probably ticked off at us because the hallway stank of In-N-Out the next morning. LOL.

Jay and Brian playing with the touch-screen computer in the lobby..



The touch-screen computer thing was really neat. You could get weather reports, maps, directions, local attractions, restaurants, shopping and all sorts of information. Of course, it couldn’t replace the knowledgeable concierge staff who you can count on to tell you exactly what bus numbers to take to get to specific places. (Edward was the best!)

The Spacious Lobby

This last photo was taken while we were waiting for our Super Shuttle pick up to take us to the airport. Unlike Vegas, which Brian despised.. He absolutely loved San Francisco. I’m pretty sure we will be back.

We so did not want to leave. Until next time, I guess.

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