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Arrival in San Francisco

Posted on February 23, 2010 by under Travel.    

Arrival at the Hotel

Jay took this picture of our Super Shuttle van arriving at the hotel. We planned on arriving at the hotel by 8:00 PM and having a late dinner, but we actually didn’t get there until about 10:00 PM or so. Our flight was delayed and then we were asked to check our carry-on, even though there was plenty of room in the overhead bins (Booo!), and then they told us to claim our carry-on at baggage claim instead of plane-side. Brian and I packed light (we only had a single carry-on between the both of us) on purpose so that we could save time by skipping baggage claim.

Neither of us were too happy about having to wait a half hour for our bag to come out. Besides that, baggage claim is upstairs so we had to up there and then had to come right back down for our van pick-up. Besides having to wait for our bag to appear on the luggage carousel, we had to wait for other passengers because the pick-up we arranged is a shared ride ($17 per person or $80 round-trip altogether with gratuity; it would have cost more otherwise). We also got dropped off last so it took a while to get to our hotel. It was nice driving around San Francisco, though. We got to drive by Haight Ashbury and everything. I think it would have faster (not to mention cheaper) to take the BART, which is what Jay and Becca did the day before, but they arrived in the afternoon when it was still daylight whereas we were arriving at night. I really didn’t want to get lost in San Francisco. That would have made for a very bad trip.

I felt bad because we had planned on having dinner. We told Jay and Becca that they didn’t have to wait for us, but they waited up anyway. That was really nice of them. We arrived too late for a nice sit-down dinner so we ended up at In-N-Out Burger, which is right behind our hotel. It was our first meal in San Francisco. LOL.

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