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Cada Wins the WSOP Main Event

Posted on November 15, 2009 by under Life.    

We watched the WSOP final table with Jay and Becca on Tuesday night. Of course, all of us — with the exception of Jay — already knew who won because of all the news and blog coverage. Jay didn’t want to know, though, because he wanted to enjoy the show.

He purposely avoided Yahoo! and the internet blogs and even our Facebook because he knew that we’d be talking about it and spoil the fun. Jay was really disappointed when Phil Ivey got knocked out. I was disappointed too, but not as disappointed as when I read about it on Pauly’s blog. I knew what was coming so I was prepared for it, at least.

To ESPN’s credit, they made Phil Ivey last an hour and half into the show. I’m sure they knew that everyone was rooting for Phil to take it down this year. The enthusiasm and energy level just wasn’t the same after he was out.

It was so funny watching him writhe and grown and flop all over the floor. When it was down to the final two, he was totally rooting for Moon. Jay continued to wince and whine and say comments like “I hate Cada. I hope he doesn’t win.” I didn’t say anything. LOL.

Despite Jay’s protestations, he couldn’t change what had already taken place. Cada won. I’d actually read quite a bit about Cada in the poker blogs. I’m glad he won. I was rooting for him because I wanted to see a new record set.

We had a blast at Jay and Becca’s on Tuesday night. I even had fun creating a Mii, even though it told me I was overweight. Of course, I already knew this. Brian is overweight, too, so at least I’m not alone. LOL. He carries the weight so much better than I do, though. He doesn’t even look fat to me. Men have it so much easier.

Anyway, Brian and I restarted our gym membership yesterday (thus, the Twitter posts you saw if you follow us; you might have seen the updates on Facebook also because Twitter updates my Facebook status automatically). I think we are going to get really serious about losing weight this time.

P.S. Besides being overweight, apparently my physical age is 57. LOL. I have my work cut out for me.

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