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Visiting the Cemetery

Posted on October 21, 2009 by under Family.    



We initially planned to visit the cemetery on Wednesday, October 7, Papa Osing’s birthday. I had borrowed a couple of umbrellas from Tito Ope because I couldn’t get my hair wet. I was ready to go, but the weather would not cooperate. The rain continued nonstop. No else one wanted to go that day. I was a little disappointed, but they promised me that we would go before we left.

We planned to postpone until the following Monday, our last full day in Tanjay. However, we had nothing else on Saturday as my power plant tour was moved to Sunday, October 11. Saturday turned out to be a somewhat nice day. It still drizzled a little, but it was nice enough (compared to the torrential rain we’d been having the previous days) that we were all able to go. Manong Jovilo, Auntie Inday, mom, dad, Brian and I all went. We piled into Manong Jovilo’s Easy Ride.

We figured we might as well go while we can, instead of waiting until Monday. You never know what will happen. If it started raining again, then we might not get to go at all. That would really be disappointing.

There used to be only one cemetery in Tanjay. Now there are two because the original cemetery had gotten overcrowded. Here are some photos from the old cemetery, where my great grandparents are buried…







Overcrowded is not an exaggeration. Graves are literally stacked one on top of another. So when Mama Priscilla passed, she was buried at Serenity (the new cemetery). Papa Osing was buried there also.





Serenity is a lot less crowded than the old cemetery. Actually, it wasn’t crowded at all. Half of the cemetery was still open so there were tons of plots available and then there is vacant land adjacent to the cemetery so there is further room to expand. Serenity is a lot nicer so I can understand why people are choosing to be buried there. It is much more expensive than the old cemetery.

The plan is to build a mausoleum around Papa Osing’s grave. The mausoleum is yet to be designed, but I think that shelves will line the walls so that the urns of those who plan to be cremated (like dad and some of his other siblings) can be stored in the mausoleum with their parents. Mama Priscilla’s grave is located at a different part of the cemetery, but after five years they can move her remains next to Papa Osing’s so they can be together.

I think mom and dad both want to be cremated so it will be easier for us to bring them back home to the Philippines. I told them that they will need to leave detailed instructions so Jenni and I don’t mess anything up. LOL.

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