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Ching’s New Phone

Posted on August 23, 2009 by under Toys.    

I’ve had my phone for about a week now. I was reluctant to post a review until I’d actually used the phone for a substantial amount of time. I didn’t want to rave about it only to find out later that I really hate it or rant about it only to find out that it was just a matter of adjusting to the phone. Even today, the phone still has features I haven’t tried yet. However, I cannot contain my enthusiasm any longer. I love my new phone and I just have to share it with the world.

HTC Touch Pro2 HTC Touch Pro2

When my phone broke a couple of months ago, I hesitated to buy a new phone because there were none out there that I felt fit my needs. We had considered defecting to AT&T and joining the iPhone bandwagon, but we just couldn’t part with our $70 family plan. I mean where else can you get just the right number of minutes, unlimited nights and weekends, unlimited mobile-to-mobile, and unlimited messaging (pictures and text) for less than $75 for both phones. You just can’t. I had to stay with T-Mobile, but at the time they didn’t have any phones that were good enough. T-Mobile has great rate plans, but their phone selection is probably the weakest out of all the communications carriers.

There were rumors of some new phones coming so I didn’t want to buy another Wing. I mean, I didn’t want to be stuck with an obsolete phone for another couple of years if new phones are being released. What made it difficult for me to find a new phone is that I wanted one with wi-fi capabilities because I didn’t want to pay for a data package. Most cellphone carriers don’t carry good wi-fi capable phones because they want you to pay for a data package. So that they could make an extra $20-30 dollars a month on top of your regular cellphone plan. It would be cool to have all of these neat phone features always on and available on demand, but I don’t use my cellphone while I’m at work (that’s almost 9 hours out of the day) and when I’m sleeping (hopefully another 8 hours, but that doesn’t always happen). At best, I’m using my phone an average about 5 hours a day. Out of that, I’d probably use the features that require data less than an hour each day (if at all). Why would I pay an extra $30 a month for features I wouldn’t even use on a regular basis? This is my pragmatic side showing, through.

When we bought my Wing a couple of years ago for almost $300 sans data plan, it paid for itself in savings in a year (estimated at $25 multiplied by 12 months). There’s wi-fi at home so I just connect my phone to it when I’m around the house, and there’s free wi-fi pretty much anywhere you go any more. It really worked great for me.

When looking for my new phone, wi-fi capability was probably the biggest factor. The only phone T-Mobile had that had this feature and other secondary features (like good camera, Qwerty keyboard, etc.) I was looking for was the Wing. Instead of buying a new phone, I decided to use a temporary back up instead (my mother-in-law’s Samsung T509 Plum). I was willing to wait until November to get a new phone, hoping that maybe the $350 price tag on the HTC Touch Pro2 would come down a little, but as luck would have it a friend of ours got one which he didn’t like so I ended up getting a replacement phone early. Lucky for me.

He said it was too much phone for him (there is no such thing – LOL), but I’m not complaining because it worked to my benefit. Since I got my phone second-hand, I got it for less than the $350 price, without a 2-year contract, and sans data plan.

HTC Touch Pro2

Enough about how cheap and frugal I am though. Let’s talk about the phone. The HTC Touch Pro2 is just like my old Wing only better. They improved on some of the buggy features and improved usability also. I love that the camera is 3.2 MP because, as you know, I take tons of pictures. The Touch Pro2 has everything I loved about my Wing. I am so glad I waited to get a new phone.

It took me a couple of days to get the settings just the way I want them and to get some apps installed (thank you, baby) and to play with the phone, but now it feels like it’s really mine. As I mentioned earlier, there are still some features I haven’t used or tried but I am satisfied — no, I’m happy — with the phone over all. I think I can live with this phone for another two years and I’m specially pleased that in a couple of years time, I would have saved myself $600 by not having to pay for a data package. Hmm… What to do with that money? Maybe I could put that toward a new phone two years from now. 🙂

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