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Krispy Kreme Donuts

Posted on February 21, 2003 by under Food and Drink.    

Dunkin is out, Krispy Kreme is in!  Welcome the new era of donuts.. I remember back in my high school days in Las Pinas, my friends and I used to hang out at the local Dunkin Donuts.  We used to call it D2 (read D-squared).  We were nerds like that.  We shared a lot of fun times there.  And even just watching my friend Mickey eat a whole box of munchkins (the little donut middles; I don’t know what they’re called, I just always called them munchkins).  I don’t even know if they make those anymore. Anyway, Brian and I will just have serious donut cravings from time to time and the generic grocery store variety ain’t cuttin’ it anymore so we had to look for a good donut place.  Did you know that all the Dunkin Donuts in town have vanished?  I don’t know what is up with that..  I didn’t think they were that bad.  But I guess Krispy Kreme has ushered in a new era of donuts.  Shoot we really didn’t care where we got our kicks but I gotta admit Krispy Kreme has a lot of plusses. First off, the best time to go is right when they close (they used to be open 24 hours but I guess they didn’t find that profitable), from 10:30 to 11:00 PM.  Brian and I have found the few times that we’ve gone around this time that the red sign outside has been lit.  You know what that means.  Free donuts baby!  Well they give you a free glazed donut (pictured left) anyway.  Last night we had talked about just going through the drive-thru but when we got there the sign was lit and Brian got all excited.  He goes, let’s go in!  I gave in.  Who cared if I looked like crap from hanging out at the house all evening?  Free donuts is free donuts. Their store is actually pretty neat.  Brian and I discussed actually bringing our camera to take pictures next time we go.  Yeah, we’re real nerds like that.  But it’s so cool.  Have you ever seen a donut being manufactured before?  It’s really neat!  You get to watch everything right there as it happens. And then of course their donuts are the best!  When they opened their first store in town there were lines out the wazoo and I didn’t know what the fuss was all about.  To me, donuts were pretty much all the same.  But then I had their donuts, which are just melt-in-your-mouth (literally) delicious!  I was hooked ever since.  Our favorite is the chocolate-glazed custard-filled variety, shown right.  Brian and I are so compatible we even like the same kind of donut.  They have lots of other great flavors but this is the one that we always order.  We’ll eat the free donut of course but we only buy the chocolate-glazed custard-filled kind. So anyway, I had a couple of donuts last night and another two this morning for breakfast (if you want to know how much damage that’s done, check out the Krispy Kreme nutritional fact sheet and feel sorry for me).  I didn’t work out at all this week like I was supposed to so you’ll probably hear me whine about being fat for the next few days.  I’ll try not to blog about it but I’m not making any guarantees!

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