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Brian & Ching’s Anniversary Weekend

Posted on August 9, 2009 by under Family, Life.    

We started the weekend by going to The Buzz after work party at Heroes. I’m so glad we did, too, because I ended up winning a couple of tickets to the Midwest Rockfest. Sunny is the best!

Anyway, we had tickets for the baseball game on that same Saturday also. Brian and I both would rather go to the Midwest Rockfest, though, so he’s going to give the baseball tickets back so that one of his coworkers can use it instead.

After having dinner at Heroes, Brian and I went to Dukes to watch The Fabulous Fleshtones perform. We stayed out way too late, but had lots of fun.









We started the next day by getting couples massages and facials at Serenity. It was really good and we felt very relaxed afterward. Serenity was a good choice.

That evening we had an anniversary dinner at Bonefish Grill. The service was a little lacking, but the food was fantastic as always. Brian and I started with Bang Bang Shrimp, their signature appetizer. I had a cup of the lump crab corn chowder before my meal, which I regretted because then I was full even before my entree came. Brian opted to skip the salad. He had the 8 oz. filet mignon, which is still his favorite steak in town. I know, right? Steak at a seafood joint. I had the tilapia (since mahi-mahi was not an option). It was good, but I couldn’t finish it so I had to take the rest of it home.

Another thing that Brian loves at Bonefish is their creme brulee. He doesn’t generally like creme brulee, but he loves theirs for some unexplainable reason. He says it’s something about the texture. It’s smooth and not custardy like other creme brulees.



Bone Fish

We spent most of the day on Sunday at mom and dad’s house in Derby. Dad recently bought a new grill and we figured that we could break it in. We grilled some burgers, hotdogs, and pork chops. We almost grilled some corn too, but stopped ourselves before we got too carried away.

I think the best part of the day was being able to spend time with family and friends. Tita Sol came and hung out for a while. The Cannadys came so we got to see the adorable boys. We got to meet some new people also: Armando and Jennifer. They are moving here from Louisiana so that she can pursue a doctorate in Human Factors Psychology at Wichita State University.

My mom is like the unofficial Filipino ambassador of Wichita. Seriously. We are always meeting new people through her. We got to learn a little bit about Jennifer and Armando. As it turns out, they are from the same island that we’re from in the Philippines (Negros) and they were married on August 9, 2008 so our wedding anniversaries are only one day apart. Isn’t that a weird coincidence?

We checked on the in-laws house and cats on the way home, and then also stopped by to help grandma with her email. She couldn’t figure out how to close her Outlook Express window.

We ended the day by having ice cream at Marble Slab Creamery and found out some great news. Il Vicino will be opening where Harold’s used to be at Bradley Fair. This means Brian and I will no longer have to drive downtown for pizza. Hurrah!

Next weekend will be another busy one since we will be at the Midwest Rockfest all day on Saturday and then we plan to spend Sunday morning at Tanganyika Wildlife Park. I am so excited!

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  • Replies to "Brian & Ching’s Anniversary Weekend"


    yenithinks  on August 13, 2009

    hey brian and ching!!! (brian, i spelled your name correctly this time).

    I finally found yalls blogsites! and I read this post realizing that we were mentioned in it. how awesome! 🙂 mwahhhh see yah soon.


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