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Mom has the Coolest Shoes

Posted on August 2, 2009 by under Moblog.    

I think my mom owns more shoes than Imelda Marcos at the peak of her reign as First Lady. Every time I see my mom, she has a different pair of shoes on. They always look brand new and, since I haven’t seen them before, I can help but ask, “Where did you get your new shoes?” To which she always replies, “Oh. I just found them in my stash of old stuff.”

She doesn’t seem to wear the same shoes twice so I’m thinking she must have an infinite stash. I know Jenni has her eyes set on mom’s jewelry. I’m thinking that perhaps I’ll ask mom to bequeath her shoes to me so that I can put them on display in a type of shoe museum. The exhibit will be called, “My Mom has the Coolest Shoes” or something like that. LOL.

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