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Music Theatre of Wichita Presents Miss Saigon

Posted on July 5, 2009 by under Things to Do.    

I got the following message from Jimbo recently:

For those of you who don’t know, I was cast this year in the ensemble for Music Theatre of Wichita’s fourth musical of the summer season, MISS SAIGON! This will be my first full-fledged theatrical production since 2002, when I did THE KING AND I, also at Music Theatre of Wichita. I am being flown back to Kansas from New York City for the two weeks of rehearsal and performance, which will be a great break from my hectic life back in the Big Apple!

In any case, tickets to Music Theatre of Wichita, and in particular, MISS SAIGON (which I will be performing in), are available for purchase! And from what I hear, tickets are beginning to sell out quickly! Go to for more information!

MISS SAIGON is playing from July 22-26 at Century II Concert Hall. Performances are as follows:

  • Wednesday, July 22 – 8PM
  • Thursday, July 23 – 8PM
  • Friday, July 24 – 8PM
  • Saturday, July 25 – 2PM and 8PM
  • Sunday, July 26 – 2PM and 7PM

Single ticket pricing is as follows:

  • Evening performances: Front-Orchestra $54; Mid-Orchestra $43; Rear-Orchestra $28; Balcony $19
  • Matinee performances: Front-Orchestra $46; Mid-Orchestra $37; Rear-Orchestra $24; Balcony $17

You can purchase them over the phone at 316-265-3107 or at the Music Theatre of Wichita Box Office inside the Concert Hall at Century II. For more information, visit


Brian has never seen Miss Saigon, one of my favorites, so I’m thinking of taking him. Anyone else want to go?

Pahabol: Better buy your tickets before they completely sell out! I checked today and all the front-orchestra seating for the Saturday and Sunday shows (matinee and evening) are SOLD OUT. Arrrgggh!

Pahabol Part II: All front-orchestra seating for Friday night are completely SOLD OUT also. Most of the mid-orchestra seats are SOLD OUT as well. Brian and I initially wanted to go at night, but there’s not much left in mid-orchestra. Finally decided to go in the afternoon on July 26, Sunday, because those were the closest middle seats we could find. We got lucky and found four empty seats, amid a sea of SOLD OUT tickets. Looking forward to the show.

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    Jim  on July 5, 2009

    Thanks for the publicity, Ching! Can’t wait to see you guys, too 🙂


    Twitted by Chingay  on July 5, 2009

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    Significant Moments of 2009 : Life After Marriage  on January 31, 2010

    […] Brian and I got to see Miss Saigon. I’d never seen it performed before and neither had Brian. I was familiar with the story, though. Jimbo did great. […]

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