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First Ice Cream Truck Experience

Posted on June 19, 2009 by under Flickr, Life.    



Brian and I caught the ice cream truck when it drove by his parents’ neighborhood the other day. I had never bought ice cream from an ice cream truck before so even though there was ice cream at the house, I wanted to buy some. It’s the same ice cream that you get at the store, but it was the whole act of buying ice cream from an ice cream truck that I was going for. I wanted to experience it for myself, mostly so I could say “Yes. I’ve bought ice cream from an ice cream truck.” Silly, I know.

(This one was actually an ice cream van.)

In the Philippines we didn’t have ice cream trucks. We had sorbeteros pushing their ice cream carts from neighborhood to neighborhood. We called the ice cream they sold “dirty ice cream” because it was sold outside in the streets, exposed to all the dust and germs that are in the air. Germs or no, I could never resist buying some “dirty ice cream” whenever mamang sorbetero came around when I was growing up.

I found a photo of a sorbetero on Flickr to show you guys.

Photo by Leon

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