Strawberry Limeade

I was craving freckled lemonade again today. I was dying to go to Red Robin again to imbibe on their yummy non-alcoholic concoction. We were still grody, sweaty and stinky from playing racquetball, but I didn’t care. Brian wanted Subway, though. But then, I didn’t want anything from Subway. They don’t serve any yummy drinks. So we decided to compromise. We drove to Sonic instead. Since it’s a drive-in, no one has to see or smell us. If you can’t have freckled lemonade, straberry limeade is the next best thing. It’s good enough to satisfy my craving for the time being. Although, I wish I could say the same for :other: cravings. There just isn’t any substitute for a good orgy. LOL!

Sonic Drive-in on Urbanspoon

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~ Leo Tolstoy