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Ching Wants a New Car

Posted on May 9, 2009 by under Wishlist.    

I was doing some comparison shopping for Camry Hybrids online the other night. I figured I could save Brian and I some valuable time by getting online price quotes, instead of having to drive to various Toyota dealerships.

I forwarded him some of the responses I received so far. One in particular rubbed him the wrong way. I have to share it because it cracked me up.

Here is the email I received from the car salesman:

Hi Cherrie,

Thank you for your interest in the Camry Hybrid. I am going to quote you a couple of prices to give you options. By chance would you be interested in a pre-owned? I have an 07 that a gentleman purchased new here but traded just a week or so ago. If not, no problem!

Here are a couple I have in stock.

Specs for an ’09 Desert Sand Camry Hybrid for $28,706 and ’09 Barcelona Red Camry Hybrid for $26,399 were attached. Note that these prices are after rebates but before any taxes or other fees that they try to nab you for.

Now, this car salesman is just trying to be helpful while at the same time trying sell some vehicles. Brian must have been having a bad day, though, because he emailed me back with…

No Pre-Owned. Why would he mention that unless they were trying to off-load it. You asked for a new car quote and they try to offer you some smuck’s used car. I already don’t like them.

I really didn’t mind. I thought the salesman’s email was nice and informative and I appreciated being provided with options. Shoot, a good deal is a good deal — new or used. I’m not above buying a used car. I would prefer a new car, but if I can get a similar used car for a lot less I would definitely consider it. I’m all about saving money.

It irritated Brian a little, though. He feels that if you ask for new car price quotes, that’s what you should get. The pessimist that Brian is always thinks people are being sneaky when they do stuff like this. He thinks I’m naive in thinking that people are nice and want to be helpful in general.

I really do want a new car, though. Brian prefers a Prius, but I want a Camry Hybrid because I am more conventional and I don’t like the body design of the Prius. I do like the gas efficiency of it, though. The Camry won’t be as gas efficient as my current car, but it will be pretty close. Plus, it looks a lot nicer.

If you are selling an ’09 Camry Hybrid, feel free to leave price quotes and information in the comments. Brian and I plan to do some car shopping next weekend, weather permitting. If you know of any really good, trustworthy Toyota dealerships within a hundred-mile radius, please feel free to leave those in the comments also. I’m not feeling particularly loyal to Eddy’s Toyota right now (recall Bebot’s botched oil change last August and everything that we have been going through over the last two weeks) and would cheat on them in a heartbeat if the price is right. 😉

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