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Wichita Pickleball Patches

Posted on March 15, 2021 by under Community.    


As you know Gregg Smith has been the primary fundraiser for the “Light Up Edgemoor” effort. He has been selling t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, and even hosted benefit tournaments with the sole purpose of raising money for lights at the park. This year he came up with the idea of selling “Wichita Pickleball” patches for $5 each. They are fabulous patches and well-made. The only complaint I’ve received is they are sew-on rather than iron-on.

I’ve sold a few of these for Gregg to help with the fundraising effort. I paid $50 for 10 patches and Gregg gave me one for free — to keep or giveaway to a junior pickleball player or someone else deserving. I decided to keep my free one and put it on my Vulcan tour bag so I can promote Wichita Pickleball everywhere I go.


I couldn’t figure out how to iron it on so I decided to sew it on myself. Not bad for someone with limited sewing skills, right? It really wasn’t that hard so I don’t know what people are complaining about. I think it was just an easy excuse to not buy one. However, I did get a roll of iron-on patch adhesive so I could give some free to those who have purchased patches but don’t want to sew them on.


Brian used the iron-on patch adhesive to jazz up his new travel backpack but the corners were loose so he had me sew the corners down for him. Maybe the iron-on method is not the best way to go? LOL.

Gregg is also selling a sticker version of this same design for those who would rather not sew or iron anything. He’s always coming up with with these fundraising ideas. I often get asked how much money is needed and how much money has been raised so far and I really have no idea. I just help support the cause by buying whatever it is that they’re selling or even helping sell things sometimes. Gregg has all of the details. After at least three years of solid fundraising, I have to believe we are getting close. I hope this is the year that we finally get lights!

You can help us speed up the fundraising effort by sending a donation to the “Light Up Edgemoor” effort directly to the city of Wichita. Here’s the check needs to be made out to and the mailing address for which to send it. Please remember to write “Light Up Edgemoor” in the check’s memo field so they know that your donation is specifically for this purpose.

The Wichita Parks Foundation
PO BOX 3439
Wichita, KS 67201

Thank you to everyone who has bought something, made a donation, helped sell things, supported the tournaments by playing or volunteering, or contributed in some way. You’re making a difference and helping us get closer to our goal. Next time I see Gregg, I will be sure to ask for an update.

Until then, let’s keep playing. See you on the courts! GNG.

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