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Chris Wilson’s Birthday Weekend

Posted on June 12, 2020 by under Hobbies, Things to Do.    


Last weekend was Chris Wilson’s birthday. We had a nice little patio party after our regular Friday night pickleball. Brian come out and brought chicken for our taco bar and a chocolate cake. The others brought taco bar fixin’s and chips. Kimberly made homemade salsa. Chris’ wife nina even came out to join us.


Here’s a picture of Chris with his wife Nina.


It was the perfect night for a patio party.


We ended up staying out way too late that night but it was totally worth it. It’s always fun hanging out with the Friday night pickleball crew and it’s even more fun when we have something to celebrate.

I had the opportunity to play more pickleball with Chris that weekend because we agreed to meet up for mixed doubles with Rick and Karen. I brought a dozen birthday donuts which included a few apple fritter ones. They are Chris’ favorite.

Anyway, we were supposed to play at Seneca Park but, by the time I got there at 7:30 AM, all the courts were already full. Fortunately for us, I always have a backup plan. I had my portable net in the car so we just drove two minutes South to Aley Park where there are six lined pickleball courts. The biggest caveat about Aley Park is there are no nets so you have to bring your own. That’s pretty much why no one ever plays there. It worked out great for us because, being the only ones there, we were able to play for two hours uninterrupted.

I hope Chris had a great time celebrating his birthday weekend. I sure did!

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