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Le’s Noodles and Sandwiches

Posted on July 24, 2019 by under Food and Drink.    

I discovered a new Vietnamese restaurant a couple of weeks ago. It’s been around for a while (at least four years) at the current locations. I’d just never known about it before. I found it one Sunday after working out with the girls at VASA. I got done around ten thirty, elevenish, and had a bit of time before my 12 PM Aqua Zumba class at North YMCA. I took Woodlawn up because I was looking for something quick to eat but, having worked out for a couple of hours that morning, I was also starving so I wanted some real food.

I went to Central and Woodlawn because I knew there was an Asian restaurant there that was decent. However, they turned out to be closed. Le’s was next door and open so I walked in.


Here’s what I got that day — spring rolls and pork and rice.


It’s a lot of food before a workout but I was hungry!


The food is actually quite good so I went back a week later. This time with Brian. Predictably, I ordered the exact same thing.


Except they gave me some soup this time, which I wasn’t offered the last time. Not sure if it’s a lunch vs. dinner thing. I was there for lunch the first time. When I went with Brian, we went for dinner.


Brian had the bbq pork bahn mi but he forgot to tell them to hold all of the crap so he didn’t enjoy it as much.


I think the food is pretty good and the place seemed to be quite popular. It’s a bummer that Brian didn’t like what he got. I think we need to give them another chance though because he really liked my pork chop thing.

On our next visit, I’m thinking we will just order what I normally get and share it. Or we could get some pho, which seemed to be the thing to get there. If you tried the food there, let us know what you thought in the comments.

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