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Because We are Cheap

Posted on January 7, 2009 by under Life.    


We couldn’t find inexpensive bedroom furniture that is both the right style and color locally; and, since there is no IKEA anywhere near us, we ended up ordering our furniture from Wal-Mart. We figured that we could save money on delivery by having the boxes shipped to the store and then simply picking it up.

Since Brian hates the Wal-Mart by us (the one on 29th Street — parking is a hassle and he thinks the place is dirty and just all-around horrible), we selected the Wal-Mart on Greenwich. The funny thing is, when we arrived at the Greenwich Wal-Mart, we had to circle the parking lot a few times to find parking. We had to endure the very thing that he wanted to avoid. Although he still believes that the Greenwich Wal-Mart is nicer than all the other Wal-Mart locations. A Wal-Mart nice? That’s like an oxymoron. It’s like saying, “Wow. That was a really fragrant fart.” Or, “That murderer is such a benevolent criminal.” There are words that just don’t go together. Whatever. We are cheap and decided to buy our furniture from Wal-Mart.

Brian’s dad David was nice enough to come to the store with us. He drove his truck just in case the boxes don’t all fit in our truck. So the three of us head to the Site-to-Store pick up section, which is at the farthest corner of the store. I told Brian that if we do this again, we are picking the smallest Wal-Mart in town so that we don’t have to walk so far to get to the Site-to-Store section.

The boxes all fit in our truck, but David followed us home. It worked out great because he was able to help Brian unload most of the boxes. Brian put together the bed that same evening. One of the pieces was damaged but we didn’t want to hassle with shipping it back for a replacement. Brian and I agreed that since it is on the back of the headboard, no one will really see it.




the bed is really high right now

We used the all-in-one bedding set that Brian’s parents got us for Christmas. The colors are perfect for our chocolate room. Anyway, you can’t see the headboard because the bed is really high. The bed is really high because we put the box spring under the mattress even though we weren’t supposed to (it’s a platform bed)… We just didn’t know where else to store our box spring in the meantime. For now we just have to endure being really high up off the floor when we are laying in bed and feeling like “The Princess and the Pea Pod.”

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  • Replies to "Because We are Cheap"


    Jennifer Cannady  on January 8, 2009

    Hello! Nice bed! Logan wants a waterbed. What is it with bachelors and waterbeds? Sheeesh.

    Anyway, looks great! I’m sure it’s more than worth all that work.


    Ching  on January 10, 2009

    Brian says that waterbeds are bad for your back. Try to talk him out of it. BTW, looks like Logan is getting into taking photos. I have an old digital camera (my first real one, the Canon G3 I got almost 6 years ago) that he can have. I think he might enjoy playing with it. I have a special book on how to use all of the manual camera options somewhere. I just have to look for it.

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