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Anniversary Weekend

Posted on August 17, 2004 by under Life, Movies, Relationship.    

Here’s a play-by-play of our anniversary weekend as promised..

We wake up pretty early on Saturday to make our 9 AM appointment at Healing Waters for our couples massage. It was really relaxing up until it was time to pay. Our damage? $200 or so because I got talked into buying this pain relief cream that is $33 an ounce. Ouch!

While there, I went ahead and scheduled an appointment for my Brazillian bikini wax. The lady wanted to schedule me for next Saturday, but I was like whoa! I need at least two to three weeks. I’m not quite ready. For those who are not privy to these things, the hair has to be a least 1/4″ long in order for the wax and strips to be able to grasp it. If it’s too short, it’s just pointless.

She schedules me for September 11. How perfect! I told Brian, this will be my own personal contribution to the anti-terrorism cause. Too bad it’s not tax deductible. Okay, bad joke.

Anyway, after Healing Waters we stop by QuikTrip for some gas and sodas, and then we were off to Country Club Plaza. Brian got this bug up his butt a third of the way down there and he decides to let me drive. As you all know, I don’t know how to drive stick shift so I was naturally very nervous. We had to switch back when we ran into some road construction because we were afraid that I would be unable to keep up with the sporatic up-shifting and down-shifting. Through this whole process we miss our Emporia exit. We end up going through Topeka to get to KC which is not only the more time consuming route but also the more expensive one because you have to pay toll while on the turnpike. I would have chalked it up to taking the scenic route but there isn’t really much scenery to make up for the mishap.

Through my excellent navigation skills, I managed to get us from I-70 East to 169 South to 56/Shawnee Mission Parkway. I was going to have him take 635 according to the map, but it was closed so I had to improvise. Once we get to Shawnee Mission Parkway it was a piece of cake. We found Sheraton Suites, which is right on the edge of the Plaza, relatively easily. We arrived almost an hour later than anticipated (we would’ve arrived sooner had we not missed the correct exit) but we still arrived an hour before the official 3 PM check-in time.&nsbp; We take a chance and check-in, anyway. The awesome part? Our suite was ready.

Once we got to our room, I started unpacking. Of course, Brian was messing around. Sheraton Suites is rather family oriented. Brian and I came to this conclusion because they offer Nintendo on both TVs. Brian wanted to try it but, at $6.95 an hour, I had to put my foot down. We just had sex instead. And then we took a nap.

When we woke up around 5 PM Brian wanted to eat because it would be 9:30 PM before we could dine at Kona Grill. They were completely booked from 5:30 PM to 9:30 PM so the earliest that we could make our reservations for was 9:30 PM. We had some room service, then changed to go swim. Most of the time was actually spent in the whirlpool because Brian didn’t like the cold water and would rather cook in the jacuzzi. After wards, we came back to our room to take a shower and have more sex.

As planned, we had dinner at Kona Grill and then left to go to The Cheesecake Factory for our dessert. The funny part was that as we were leaving Kona, we always go through the circular door together and this official-looking dude followed right behind us and reprimanded us for going at the same time. He said that we must enter or exit the revolving door only one at a time next time. And then he promptly tells us that he is joking. Gullible me totally believed him. Brian couldn’t care less. We had a good laugh about it though. That was all one could do because he was tall and might’ve kicked our ass if we didn’t find his prank funny. Anyway, it probably made his day that his joke finally worked on someone.

The Cheesecake Factory was great except they gave me tiramisu cheesecake instead of regular tiramisu. We couldn’t fault them, though, because we weren’t specific and it was an easy assumption to make. Of course, they would assume I wanted the cheesecake kind. That is, after all, their specialty.

While walking back to the hotel we passed by Latté Land again. The coffee shop always cracks me up because it’s where all the bikers hang out at the Plaza and Brian and I have fondly dubbed it the yuppie biker bar. Across the street at Classic Cup Sidewalk Cafe were three DeLoreans done up like the car in Back to the Future. It was pretty cool so we felt compelled to cross the street and take some pictures.

We finally made it back to the hotel and decided to make it an early night. No sex this time because I had quite a bit to drink during our dining extravaganza and liquor always makes me kind of sluggish and sleepy.

The next day we woke up, packed and got ready. We checked out early and decided to have lunch at Houston’s. Best fries you will ever find anywhere. Then we hit Armani Exchange (favorite store) for some shopping. Got a couple of tops for me and a micro-cord blazer for Brian. It’s a nice one that we got on sale for $99.99, not a bad deal at all. I wanted to hit bebe, but Brian convinced me that the displays were gaudy so we didn’t go in. Only Armani Exchange benefited from our moolah during our abbreviated shopping excursion. Such a shame too because it was the final day of the Missouri tax-free week. We could’ve totally taken advantage!

The way home was much less complicated than the way up. There is no way to get lost. I was so confident that Brian had a handle on things that I just took a nap. When we arrived in Wichita, we stopped by his parents’ house to pick up our mail and then we went to see Alien vs. Predator. How could I be a bad wife when I agree to watch AVP as our anniversary movie, even though Little Black Book is showing. All I gotta say is that Brian better recognize all these compromises because I will collect one day!

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