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More Christmas Loot

Posted on January 3, 2003 by under Family, Toys.    

 fingermate  my little TV at work  chocolate-covered marshmallows  cardigan  book  my new corduroy jacket from Hollister

This really has been a bad week for my stomach. First I have that weird stomach flu then I have a major puking binge. New Year’s even would have been great had I not decided to drink an entire bottle of Tropico by myself. I was well on my way to to drinking the whole one liter bottle. Brian, amazingly enough, drank three of those big Bud Light bottles. This is amazing because he is allergic to alcohol and usually drinks only twice a year (and even just one beer at that). Anyway, everyone left and it was time for bed — it was “puky” time. God, it was awful! I ended up puking up Tropico and Chili-Cheese Fritos. After a good fifteen minutes of vomitting into the toilet, I felt I was done so Brian and I retired to the spare bedroom. Everything seemed under control — for a while — until Brian woke me up because I had apparently barfed into his armpit. He tries to get me to get up and go to the bathroom to puke some more, but I am difficult to wake when I’m already asleep. All he did was make me vomit all over the side of the bed. He finally succeeds at pushing me off the bed and getting me up. I go to the bathroom. Not much comes out. I linger over the toilet for while, just to be sure. I return to the bedroom to find the mattress turned over and stripped of all bed linens. Brian is severly pissed. My throbbing head combined with the queasy feeling in my stomach has stripped me of all energy. I just want to lay back down. The time is now almost five am. Brian tells me to put my clothes on while he is doing so himself. He wants us to drive all the way back to our house because we have no where to sleep due to the bed-vomitting episode. I resist, but he wins. Of course, he is sober and I am out of it — it was no contest. I was so out of it that he tells me I tried to open the car door at well over 55 mph to spit outside. He had to yell at me to stop. I only have a vague memory of what transpired. I seriously thought to myself that Brian was just making it up, except for the puky taste in my mouth and the severe hangover that I had when I woke up the next day. Tomorrow I go over there to wash the bed linens. And to think mom and dad thought their house was safe! [Just kidding, mom and dad!! Don’t worry, I didn’t vomit on the carpet!]

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