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Zumba for FAAGW

Posted on August 29, 2017 by under Community, Zumba.    

A couple of weeks ago I volunteered to teach a Zumba class for the Filipino-American Association of Greater Wichita (FAAGW) group. Basically, they’re getting together every Thursday for different activities. The cost to participate is a $5 donation. You can also pay $15 for access to all of the events that month. The money raised goes toward funding FAAGW community projects.

So far they’ve had a couple of Zumba classes, some line dancing lessons, and most recently arnis, a form of martial art using sticks. Arnis, also commonly known as eskrima, is the national martial art of the Philippines.

I had a work dinner on Thursday night; otherwise, Brian and I would have been there. I hope they offer it again because arnis is right up Brian’s alley. I think he would totally enjoy learning it.

The Thursday night before that was my night to teach Zumba. It was my first time leading a class for the group and only a couple of people had taken my Zumba class before so I asked my friend Gina for advice. She recommended using lower impact songs because she said there are a lot of older women, many of whom have never taken Zumba or any other exercise class before.

I created a playlist according to Gina’s suggestions but Brian said it still looked pretty intense for some. Nevertheless, it looked like they were all having a great time (judging from the smiles). And, no one passed out. LOL. They even had enough energy for post-workout photos at the end.


My friend Andrea helped me out by leading a couple of songs.


Here are a couple of the pictures we took during and after class.


The group asked me to offer the class once a month but I originally only agreed to do one class because of my crazy schedule. We had such a great time that I agreed to do another one in September. It will be on the third Thursday of the month again. I hope you can join us for a booty-shakin’ good time on September 21. We try to start right at 6:30 pm and then go for a full hour.

Until then, keep on dancin’!

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