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April Fool’s Day Thunder Hockey

Posted on April 16, 2017 by under Things to Do.    

The Wichita Thunder Hockey games are one of the many free match activities that I can take Nickira to but it seems she gets less and less interested in it every year. LOL. Nevertheless, we usually go to at least one game a year. The nice thing about it is sometimes we run into other matches we know. Like this last time we ran into Siera (our former Match Support Specialist) and her little.

We started off with a quick dinner at the Carlos O’Kelly’s restaurant by her house. Brian and I had never been there. We’d only been to the one on our side of town.


I felt compelled to take a bunch of photos because the interior was a lot nicer than we expected. It’s probably the nicest Carlos O’Kelly’s restaurant we’ve ever been in.


Don’t mind Brian. This is his RBF.


Nickira wanted some kind of pasta diablo dish for dinner but she said it wasn’t spicy. Brian and I shared the fajita trio pictured below. We had chicken, beef, and pork since Brian doesn’t really like shrimp.


Quick selfie.


We had so much extra food leftover and we had a little bit of time so we boxed up our leftovers and ran into back to Nickira’s house so her mom and brothers could have them later when she got off work.


Then we were off to the Wichita Thunder hockey game. Here’s a selfie that we took while Brian went off to get us some Dippin’ Dots.


After we finished our ice cream, it didn’t take long for Nickira to lose interest in the game. She decided to braid my hair instead.


She did stop briefly to try to catch some coupons or whatever it was they were dropping from the ceiling.

Jenni, Adam, and Ava actually joined us (Jenni actually likes the hockey games and knows who the teams are) but they left well before the game was over. We stayed pretty much until the end and then took the picture below on the way out.


Nickira is that age now that she is a little bit moody. She was quite chatty and jovial the night that we went to the hockey game. When I picked her up from her house yesterday, she was really quiet and wouldn’t talk to me. It turns out, her cousin Charlie had spent the night and she wanted to stay home and play with her. I told her that I wish she would have said something before we got all the way to my side of town because we could simply reschedule.

The original plan was to grab lunch and then take the dogs to the pup park but Brian and I were kind of having second thoughts about going to the pup park because of the weather forecast so I turned out fine that we had to cut our visit short. After a quick brunch at Livingston’s Diner, we took Nickira home. Charlie was still there so she was happy.

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