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That Time I Ordered Room Service

Posted on November 20, 2016 by under Confessions, Food and Drink.    

This is a blog about that time I ordered room service and it was actually good. I thought it’s worthy of writing about because it doesn’t happen often. Most of the time when I order room service it’s overpriced and pretty mediocre. This time proved otherwise so I thought I’d share the experience along with pictures.

There’s so much good food to be had in downtown Kansas City that I really prefer to go out and about and take advantage of all the city has to offer. This time however, I couldn’t put shoes on so I was stuck in my hotel room.

Kelsey and I had our nails done at Polished (my new favorite nail salon), after work that day. Kelsey who just had a polish change finished sooner than I did. She left to go take care of some errands at Cosentino’s as I put my feet under the lamp.

When she returned, I felt my toenails and the polish felt dry. I sprayed it with the quick dry spray, felt it again, and figured I was good to go. My feet had been under the lamp a while after all.

I put my shoes on and we walked back to the office to grab our stuff. When we arrived at the office, I immediately took my shoes off and inspected my nails. Both of the big toes were ruined!

Kelsey suggested that I return to the nail salon and have them fix it. I originally thought against it, thinking no one will really see my feet and the main reason I get pedicures is for the callous removal bit and not so much for the polish. However, she said I paid so much and it would be worth it to get them fixed.

I thought about it and realized that I really had nothing else going on that evening so I might as well go back and so I did.

When I came back, they knew exactly what I needed. The nail tech who did my pedicure did not look pleased. LOL. The reception girl was like, “We normally don’t recommend you put shoes on for three hours.”

Three hours! That’s a long time! That would be well after their closing time. After the nail guy repainted both of my big toes, I decided to stay for 30 minutes with my feel under the drying lamp. After that I was still worried about ruining my pedicure again so I walked back to my hotel in the disposable flip flops.

I knew I looked pretty ridiculous in my flimsy throwaway flip flops and Converse sneakers in my hand so I cut through our office building to return to my hotel room across the street. That was convenient but I still had to figure out what to do about dinner. I’m not that fond of pizza so I called every Oriental food restaurant I could find close to downtown to see if any of them would deliver to my hotel. No such luck. I was stuck with room service.

As I mentioned earlier, I generally try to avoid room service because my experiences in the past have been pretty lackluster. Anyway, I figured it would be the same this time so I ordered dessert also to make up for what I was already expecting to be a crappy dinner.


I ordered the chicken sandwich and, much to my amazement, it was actually really good. This had all of my favorite things — bacon and avocado — and none of the things I don’t like so I didn’t have to modify it at all.


Here’s another view of my delicious sandwich. The chips, which I think were homemade, were very good as well.


Here are a couple of pictures of my delicious dessert that, in hindsight, I really didn’t need to order after all because my sandwich was satisfying enough.


This dessert, fittingly called the Bermuda Triangle because of its shape and also because you get lost with the first bite, was so delicious that it took a lot for me not to eat all of it. I was good and only ate one corner, though.

I was dreaming about that cake for days.

This meal totally changed my perspective about room service. I totally don’t mind ordering this sandwich and cake combo again. I won’t be dreading the next time I end up cooped up in my hotel room all evening because I know I will have this meal to look forward to. I may even purposely stay in one evening.

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