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Day 5: October 30, Thursday

Posted on October 31, 2008 by under Flickr, Travel.    

October 30, Thursday, was the day we were tendered in Grand Cayman. It also happened to be the day of my 31st birthday and the ship’s second formal night.

The sea was particularly rough the night before we reached Grand Cayman. We were worried that we might skip it as one of our stops. Thankfully, the waters calmed down enough that we could still spend the day tendered. The downside is that most of the shore excursions were canceled. Out of a list consisting of three pages of excursions that were initially offered, only a fourth of the page was still available. They were mostly the land-based stuff. Having been to Grand Cayman before on our honeymoon six years ago and with the skies being overcast and everything, Brian and I decided that we would just stay on the ship. We figured we wouldn’t miss much.

We ran into Marilyn and Brent that morning at breakfast.
Poker Cruise 3 037 Poker Cruise 3 038

Next, we stopped by the spa to schedule a treatment.
Poker Cruise 3 044

We figured that we deserved a massage after several days spent hunched over, dealing cards. Also, since we weren’t going ashore anyway we thought we would spend the amount that we would have spent on an excursion at the spa. We were so wrong. Over half of the money we spent on our sail and sign card was spent at the spa (more on this later).

We schedule our treatment for 1 pm so we had a lot of time to kill before then. Brian and I took a dip in the hot tub. It was nice because we had it all to ourselves. With everyone ashore, there was hardly anyone left on the ship.

Poker Cruise 3 055 Poker Cruise 3 056

Speaking of having things all to yourself, I had the waterslide all to myself that day. It was so much fun!
Poker Cruise 3 066 Poker Cruise 3 067

Poker Cruise 3 064 Poker Cruise 3 065

Afterward, I whooped Brian at chess. Without one of my horses even!
Poker Cruise 3 068

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  • Replies to "Day 5: October 30, Thursday"


    Ching  on November 8, 2008

    The white side had a missing horse, while the black side had a missing pawn. Brian and I both agreed that he would play blacks so that the missing horse would be my handicap.

    Before we could start, though, we had to set up the pieces the right way. Well, they were set up correctly as far as what piece was next to what, but not according to the squares on the board. The black side was set up where the white side should be and vice versa, so we had to correct that first before we could begin.

    I guess we could have played anyway without fixing the board, but I’m a tad anal. =P

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