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Day 4: October 29, Wednesday

Posted on October 30, 2008 by under Flickr, Travel.    

This is the day we docked in Montego Bay, Jamaica. We didn’t end up going to Island Village like we planned because it is closer to Ocho Rios, almost two hours away. It would have taken too much time to go there and then come back. Figured it wasn’t worth it.

Since we decided not to go there, we had a whole bunch of time to ourselves. We chose to do the horseback ride and swim excursion. Here are some photos of our adventure…

Picture 010

Picture 011

Picture 013

Picture 014

Picture 018

Picture 020

Picture 024

Click here for more photos from our horseback ride and swim excursion.

Brian liked the land portion of the excursion and hated the water part. He said the horse in front of him (not mine) kept pooping. When it pooped in the water, his horse ran right into it and it got all over him. Or so he thought. I think it just floated by. Anyway, he was totally grossed out and turned off by the experience. Besides Brian getting pooped on, the excursion itself was actually pretty fun.

The funny thing is that Brian had set $150 of our $300 cash aside. We had planned to put all of our expenses besides tips for bus drivers and tour guides on our credit card that we used for our sail and sign account so we only took $300 in cash on the trip. Anyway, he hid $150 in his murse (which we left in our stateroom) right before we disembarked in Montego Bay. We forgot all about it and didn’t find the money until we were packing to leave. =P

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