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Don’t Panic, They Say

Posted on October 13, 2008 by under Life.    

I'm so glad I'm not retiring tomorrow!

It’s hard not to panic when your “current value” line starts dipping below your “net investment” line. Around this time last year, I was still pretty calm. My 401k had a pretty good rate of return until last year when growth slowed to almost nothing. At least the “current value” was still above the “net investment” line and I hadn’t lost money… yet. Now that the blue line is below the yellow, the reality of the crappy economy is sinking in.

Every time I start to freak out, I just remind myself that I’m not retiring tomorrow. I’ve got another 40 years or so to go before retirement (depressing as that might sound, it’s actually good news in a market like this). This recession will be a mere blip on the graph looking back 40 years from now. Or so, I hope.

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