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CPA Update

Posted on October 10, 2015 by under Community.    


Brian and I had our ride alongs with WPD last Saturday. Last year when I did my ride along, I was going to buy dinner for my police officer but we were so busy that we didn’t have time to stop and eat. I figured it would be more of the same this year so Brian and I decided to stop at Panda Express before heading to the police station.

We both like Panda Express fine but it’s not really high on our list of our favorite places to eat. We just went there because it was on the way to the police station and it was quick. Brian actually made a comment that if he got shot that night, and the meal at Panda Express turned out to be his last, he would be really pissed.


Brian and I both choose WPD Patrol North on the same day and the same shift so that we could carpool to the police station. He really wanted to do Patrol South, where all the action is, but I did that last year. Also, it’s not like he’s completely unfamiliar with the South side of town. That’s where he grew up. We figured North would be the second most active so we chose it.

I rode with a patrol officer on 41 beat. Brian got paired up with a traffic officer. Other than a few interesting calls, Patrol North was so boring that night. It was not nearly as exciting as my ride along last year on Patrol South. Our friend Bill, who is also in CPA training with us, opted for Patrol East. He rode that same Saturday night and he got to see way more action than we did. I’m thinking my next ride along will be out East.

Brian seemed to have a lot of fun observing all the traffic tickets. He really liked his police officer. I liked mine too. He let me listen to my Zumba music in the rhino. Our police officers were really nice. They would both let us know each time we passed one another on the street. Brian’s officer would go, “There’s your wife” or “Your wife’s in that car.” Mine would go, “There’s your husband” or “We just passed your husband.”

We responded to several interesting calls including an unconscious young female who was dropped off at Wesley and was left there. We also had to assist animal control with a dog extraction and issuing a ticket. There was noise complaint about a party that was out of control. The police officers actually called the two neighbors back who complained about the noise to tell them the outcome. And then there was the double hit and run, which was a first for me. Two vehicles were involved in a traffic accident and both drivers called to report that they were involved in a hit run.

We were Northbound on Oliver looking for a clean restroom. We passed the QT on 13th and Oliver and was surprised that we didn’t stop there. Apparently, not all QTs are created equal. The police officer explained to me that this particular QT was probably the worst in the city. They always have shootings and you never want to be at the first gas pump because it’s the worst. I don’t think I’ve ever pumped gas at that gas station and now I don’t think I ever will. LOL.

So anyway, we were heading North looking for a restroom (I’ve never met anyone who had to pee so frequently) when we passed the location of the hit and run call. The driver pulled into the Tall Oaks parking lot. I asked the officer if we were going to take that call and he said someone else had already picked it up. I wasn’t sure if that was truly the case or if he just didn’t want to take the call because he really had to pee.

At any rate, were free to continue our quest for a restroom. We ended up at the QT on Oliver and K-96. As luck would have it, the officer couldn’t go the restroom straightaway because he got flagged by a citizen needing assistance. The citizen reported that he was just in a hit and run. The officer I was with skipped the hit and run call but had to deal with a hit and run call anyway. What a coincidence! The craziest part is that this guy is in the other vehicle that was involved in the hit and run with the driver who was being interviewed by another police officer at the Tall Oaks parking lot. He’s saying that the other driver fled the scene of the accident while the other driver claimed that he fled. Both drivers were both in a hit and run with one another. While neither were at the scene of the accident, neither of them really fled because they both reported the accident to the authorities. It was strange.

One of the interesting calls we responded to was a man who was stuck around the 1500 block of Topeka because his motorized chair stopped working. He was on his way home to his apartment located at the 200 block of Topeka, which is quite a distance. When we arrived at the scene, there were four firemen already trying to get the chair to work. After several minutes of tinkering, they were able to get it to move a few inches only to die again. The fire fighters could have given up at that point and said, “Sorry, guy. You’re not on fire. See ya later!” and left the man to inch his way home. He had a long way to go so he might not have gotten home until the morning.

Rather than just leaving him there to fend for himself, the patrol officer I was with worked with the firemen to come up with a solution to get the man safely home. There weren’t any agencies we could call on a Saturday night to assist. I know because I called the 211 hotline. We were it. The patrol officer called for one of the WPD vans. While the driver was a bit cranky because he felt this was not appropriate use for the van, he obliged. There was no one else to help this man.

The officer and the firemen helped the man into the patrol officer’s SUV and then hoisted the heavy motorized chair into the police van. We all drove to the man’s apartment. Once there the firemen unloaded the chair and helped the man back on the chair and then all four of them helped him get up to his apartment. Fortunately, the building has an elevator so they didn’t have to carry him and his heavy chair all the way up.

I was really impressed at the kindness that WPD and WFD showed the man. I had profound respect for law enforcement before and after both of my ride alongs, I have an even greater respect for them. Overall it was a slow evening on 41 beat. I guess North has been pretty quiet while East has been really active of late. Brian and I have decided we will probably do a couple more ride alongs because we want to see what goes on in Patrol East and also Patrol West.


Last Tuesday’s CPA session was at the Sedgwick County Detention Facility. We got a tour of the jail, the 911 dispatch center, and judicial. We did a lot of walking that day and my feet were screaming before the evening was over, but it was totally worth it.

The timing was perfect for Brian because the traffic officer he rode with booked a man for a DUI the Saturday before so he got to see the booking area. On Tuesday we got to tour the rest of the jail so he got to see the back and the inside in the same week. The tour was more extensive this time than the one I had last year with my Leadership Wichita class. We even got to see the shower area and Cpl. Torres, who was an excellent tour guide by the way, even told us about the extensive cavity search to prevent the smuggling of contraband into the jail.

Incidentally, my first tour of the jail and my first time tasting jail food was exactly a year ago today. I was grateful for the educational jail tour but I hope I don’t have to taste that food ever again. Last year we had beef stroganoff for lunch that was really salty. This year dinner was some kind of meat patty that tasted like a pencil eraser, powdered mashed potatoes that had no flavor whatsoever, canned green beans, and canned fruit that looked like peaches but didn’t really taste like them (maybe they were pears, it was really hard to tell). I suppose you’re not there to enjoy the food.

Anyway, the 911 facility is really nice. Everything looked modern and high tech as opposed to judicial where everything looked ancient. Lots of walking overall. The jail is like a city in itself, and then we had to do a lot of walking to and from buildings. It was so educational though, and so worth it. I’m not sure how you sign up to tour these facilities outside of CPA but if you can, I highly recommend it.


If you have a few evenings to spare, I actually recommend going through CPA because you learn so much more. We’ve learned about meth labs and the different ways people “cook” meth these days. We learned about the force continuum and use of force by law enforcement. We got to tour the Wichita Sedgwick County Joint Firearms Training Facility and do “shoot, no shoot” scenarios. Brian even participated in a live simunition scenario. We’re about halfway through the program and the list of topics we’ve covered already is so long I can’t list them all.

We’re back at the training center this week and then Brian and I will be doing our ride alongs with Sedgwick County Sheriff. I’m looking forward to the coming sessions and am really glad that we signed up.

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