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A Walk Down Memory Lane

Posted on November 16, 2003 by under Life.    

Since we’re reminiscing and everything, here are some old class pictures for you. It should be easy to find me because I cropped the pictures to include only the part that I’m in.

So let’s play a little game of “Where’s Ching?”

 Third Grade  Fifth Grade  Sixth Grade  First Year  Second Year  Third Year  Third Year  Third Year

You’re probably wondering why there are three third year pictures. And no, I did not flunk third year and take it three times. Our school had each grade divided into sections and so usually each section had their own class picture. Our section Sta. Catalina decided to have two pictures, one crazy and one serious. Then, I wanted to be in a picture with my friends who were in a different section (St. Anthony) so I snuck in their class picture. I’m not sure if anyone else pulled the same stunt but their class advisor was really cool and he didn’t mind.

My final year at SFACS was the craziest. It was the year before we left for the US and it was the first time that I was separated from my barkada. I felt so misplaced. I remember skipping school a lot that year so I could hang out with my friends. I would sit in on some of their classes and even take quizzes. Terribly convenient since Sheryll and I have identical penmanship. Other people couldn’t tell it apart only she and I could. l I felt like I belonged to their section and probably spent more time with their class than I did with mine.

The handwriting thing actually came in handy in 1998 when we all got drunk at this one bar. I was piss drunk and totally out of it. Sheryll had to sign the credit card receipt for me. We had quite a tab!

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