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Connecting with Batchmates

Posted on November 11, 2003 by under Life, School.    

Yes, Pia.  I’m a nerd!  But, hey!  I’m still blogging!  Ha!  So there!

Kidding aside, I was perusing her website in between classes a few weeks ago.  But since she hadn’t blogged in forever, there was nothing for me to read so I started browsing the photo albums.  She has so many that you really can’t go through them in one sitting.  It’s my fault.  She’ll tell you that too.  I got her hooked on the whole vanity site, photo galleries galore thing.  Yikes!  I’ve created a monster!  But I digress, what I’m getting at is that I came across this one particular photo album with old pictures of us from grade school.  Talk about nostalgia!

The most amazing part is that, just the other day, I got an invitation to join SFACS BATCH ’94 on Yahoo! Groups.  That was perfect timing.  Mhyke put the whole thing together.  He did a great job too!  I mean, he had people on there that I hadn’t seen or heard from in years!  Then I run into Elmer Dimayuga on Friendster so I tell him about the group on Yahoo!  I’m hoping that the rest of our batchmates catch wind of it!  It’ll be so cool to get together again, even if only on the web.

So let this blog posting be a public service announcement for our missing batchmates.  If you or anyone you know belongs to this group, you know where to send them.


I found something to make joining a little easier!  Yay!  So sali na kayo!

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